WTB [BE] OG Hobbywing remote (old ownboard,meepo..)

Sup boys,

Me and 1 other rider are looking an OG hobbywing remote.

Must have 3 speed modes ( so I don’t mean the ultimate OG version lol)


How bout the display version which also has 3 speed modes?

I also have the one you are looking for but it has silicone on the front and the casing has been modded.

I actually have 3 of the display remotes (all stock, no mods)

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I think I once contacted ownboard to ship the new “screen” remote with my board. But they said it’s not compatible… I guess u can’t try it ?

nope, i only have the wowgo 2s and wowgo 3 esc (both of which work with the screen remote)

Can we find out if one of those was ever shipped with my remote?

the wowgo 2s was shipped with the remote you posted.

the wowgo 3 came with the screen one.

and the wowgo 2s works with the screen remote. One of them was from the OG wowgo AT and the other was branded Landsurf i think (still shipped from wowgo) The third screen remote is the original wowgo 3 remote.

all the hobbywing remote can connect to any hobbywing esc, with the exception of exway branded product. any off brand are interchangable (im 99% sure)


Ok then I guess it should work. Does it have any special functions (which would rule out backwards compatibility, except cc I guess)

I can confirm that all lingyi remotes will work with lingyi ESCs. Screen or no screen.

it has everything the old one has.

3 modes


trip meter and odometer. One of them (or both, not sure anymore) does not work with older gen escs. I believe the trip meter didn’t work with my wowgo 2s but the all time odo did.


same goes for hobbywing, just not exway stuff

if the remote support the feature, then it may or may not work on the esc, for example, if ur esc only have 3 modes, but remote got 4, then 4th mode does nothing (just double of mode3). if ur remote has cc, but esc doesn’t, then i don’t know what will happen lmao


(ignore the numbers, i think i edited them back in the day)

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oh right, and it shows board battery as well as remote battery + speed.

the only thing i like about the wowgo remote, freaking type c. even until nowadays, other brands are still on fucking micro usb ffs


cough exway cough

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I once used a first gen hobbywing remote (2 speed modes) on a 3 speed mode ESC.

If you do this, you cant use use speed mode 3, only the first 2. Good for a kid I guess but not funny for me when I took this spare remote out after my main ones batt died.


fuck exway

e: let me add, their hardware is good, because they are basically hobbywing, but their software? Pure poop, my x1pro died 1000km spot on, a firmware reflash bricked the esc, which drain the board battery empty, and guess what the battery is? 12s lipo, fucking exway

exactly the reason why u would want a 3 or 4 mode remote instead of anything else, but i don’t think any remote in the last 2 years have only 2 modes anyway, so it should be good

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Ok xsynatic hit me up I’ll take 8.

And you can close if that’s a thing we do here ?

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if we can make out a deal i’ll happily close it.

For now ill leave it open in case it falls through so others can still offer you something.

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