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WTB [BE] OG Hobbywing remote (old ownboard,meepo..)

The thing is. The person who also needs one is unknown to me and lives in the Netherlands. So would be separate shipping for 1 remote :confused:
Lmk if that’s a dealbreaker

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as long as everything gets paid for and whatnot i don’t care who gets it lol.

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If you would ask me to ship 2 things instead of one, prices skyrocket. Luckily you are not as lazy as me.

As for deals falling through, I remember our lingyi ESC/hub deal that fell through because I didnt feel safe selling that drivetrain. Guess what, that axle snapped clean through few months later. U should be happy they didn’t reach you :wink:

free healthcare, who cares :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

cheapest shipping with DHL is 4.89€ per Remote, or even 4.89 for both if i pack them inside one package and you reship.

no insurance and no tracking, if you want both add 2.50€ to the 4.89€


I have 2or3 if you still need one

I’m the guy from the Netherlands i cant find for the life of me where to message you, maybe because this is a new account.

Could you pls DM me ?

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Awesome that you made an account.

This is the way forward.

@cfelzien also has some remotes and is from France. Maybe better shipping?

Xsynatic message me for salezzz

I think for me germany is fine with shipping maybe its better for you in belgium

isn’t greeley in colorado?

will do.

@luxaplexx You are unable to PM as your account is new (spam protection) I’ll send you one too.

Last time I checked. But it could have moved. Yes im in Colorado.


So I always felt close to you for no reason?

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I mean it happens to the best of em. Sorry man, wanna video chat? Im making breakfast.

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Thats the cheapest one i found and thats the one i ordered. It comes without any logos.

Edit : I am from the EU as well and it didn’t have any additional taxes/duties to be paid but that is sort of luck based where I am from.

I will send it wherever. Pm me your address. Free99.