Wtb 5.5mm bullet connectors (male) to xt90

As title states

Preferably a ebay.co.uk link

Thank you

Don’t have much experience with a soldering iron and don’t have access to a spot welder

sodering bullet connectors is a very good task to learn soldering. super easy as well. just get a proper solder iron. If you want to do some diy stuff there is just no way around it.


K will learn

Can you link a good video on it

My dad has a powerful good soldering iron

go through this series

oldschool but worth it. :joy:


Crappy video, but this is the technique I prefer. First, you cut off the insulation off your wire on one end, and twist the strands so that they aren’t fragile on their own. Then you secure the bullet connector somehow (a wrench works well), and heat it up by holding your soldering iron next to it.

Then you melt your solder into the connector (more is better than less), and slowly push the wire into the molten solder. Then you release the soldering iron, and wait for it to cool down.

The series @Andy87 linked is very good. (Lesson 3 is how I learned to solder cup terminals) Definitely practice soldering regular wires together first, before you move onto bullet connectors.


JF started making a soldering tutorial series a few years ago. look for it on the other forum. Maybe @JohnnyMeduse still has those video clips somewhere to be linked on this forum as well.

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I’m the worst at soldering and bullet connectors are the easiest. I can’t solder xt connectors and thick wire for my life but bullets are easy and a good intro to learning how to solder.

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So here’s is what I came up with

What should I insulated them with to stop a short from happening

Would glue from a glue gun work

Holy shit, that needs to be fixed, that is really unsafe


Battery isn’t plugged in and haven’t got any plans to ride yet

What can I insulate it in

Before you insulate anything, fix the soldering job

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Why what is wrong with it

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That’s wrong with it


I don’t get it the wires are connected strongly together by solder

What else is needed


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I know I am a noob get over it

You obviously didn’t watch the videos @Andy87 and @rusins recommended

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Yep I didn’t as by the time I read those messages I was already finished the soldering

That birdshit (welding term) will wear through the insulation no time, besides not straight

You need to start again but look at videos & practice first


Will do then

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