WTB 12s Charger

I’m looking for an 8A charger for a 12s Lipo board I’m working on. The port type doesn’t matter, I’ll work around whichever it is.

‎ Amazon

They don’t have what I am looking for in my price range

Anything to do with your batteries should not have a price range. Invest :slight_smile:


I know this, I also know how much chargers should cost.

Uh youre wanting 8a… @ minimun youre spending $100.

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Nah, look for YZPower on eBay…it’ll be $60ish


Yes thats fine with me

Well here you go

Yeah might want to check you demeanor bruv. You said you were looking, I showed you where you could find them. Dont be an Askhole. Yes I said Askhole.

Askhole - when you ask for advice and shit on the person giving you the advice.

Obviously I can buy on Amazon and wait a month or two, or maybe help someone on here let go of their extra charger and get it sooner. Why cant I ask “whos selling (thing)” without being mocked for asking?

No one is mocking you bruv. Im just going off what you have said. Next time add some more details. “Ive looked on Amazon and they’re a little too pricey”, “Does anyone have a 12s 8a charger they’d let go of?”…

All you said was “looking for”, so I showed you where to look. Be more detailed about what you want and you might get the response youre looking for.

Also, update you profile location please. It’ll help others with finding products in your area.

Also, try the search function. It’ll do wonders.

I found the Amazon search link, which you sent after I had told you Amazon didn’t have what I wanted, condescending.

Good find, thanks, but still a month out though. I really want to grab one from someone on the forum.

Maybe specify that? You only stated “looking” and no location :confused:

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If you look closely, he even says he already has it so its not coning from Ali…

@visnu777 you still got that 7a charger up for grabs?

Buy this one. I bought a second one on july 24th and it arrived on august 3rd from china.

This is the second one ive used and it works great. You can also easily open it up and add a new charge connector, or even 3 different ones. It has pins you can solder or use crimp connectors on

Edit:it deleted my link on mobile again…

Tag me if the above link is missing please.

I know you said 8amp but I have a 12s 6amp charger if you’re interested.