Worth buing prebuilt expensive electric skateboards?

I’m in the market for a high end electric skateboard around the $2000 mark for commuting to work on asphlat roads. I’m an experienced skater. I don’t really have the time or will to build my own board so I started looking for prebuilt boards. These twho caught my attention.

Are prebuilt boards like theese worth it? Any other recomendations?


I bought the Demon based on a recommendation from this board because I wanted to get riding right away after my boosted broke down without doing tons of research on all the different parts I could have gotten and I got the feeling from watching the YouTube channel those guys run that they were genuine guys.
My issue is that when I buy something I need to know everything - I do so much research that I eventually get paralyzed and don’t buy anything for a long time so instead of learning about the options for each part I just wanted to get a pre-built and get skating.
Since then I’ve been hanging out on this board and learning exactly what I want and I’ve wound up making a second board out of parts too so I can have a DKP and an RKP board.

So for me the demon was the right answer I don’t regret it.


The guys at propulsion are legit, TB is run by a slimy scammer. Buy the demon.


Dead flat deck, DKPs and the blue 72a delam 110s doesn’t seem all that sexy to me. But I agree Torqueboards would be a worse choice.

I’d take a look at the Exways and the Acedeck options if you want to stay in the same general price range. You might be pretty happy with a Meepo Hurricane as well.


I just figured out the Demon doesn’t ship to my country. What would be the downside of buying the TB board?

Because torqueboards is not to be trusted.
Search the forum for evidence.


Damn, they ware kinda the only ones who can ship to me.

During its slide into infamy, Torqueboards would contact you after your purchase and try to get more shipping money out of you.

The owner Dexter stopped caring years ago and it shows.

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I wouldn’t get the hurricane. My friend who spent all his money to buy one was without a board for the last year because the “charging plate” which is apparently an antispark keeps burning up when he plugs it in.
Also it has a closed-source lingyi ESC instead of vesc-based ESC which for me is out of the question.


Food for thought:

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How about he stops using it??

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I think I know the hurricane owner in question and I have suggested this to them.

You could also consider an ownboard zeus pro or a lacroix barrel.

Advantages of ownboard:
Bigger battery, cheaper, larger deck

Advantages of lacroix:
More reliable, better ESC (vesc based), better customer support, incredible trucks

If you want quantity buy the ownboard, if you want quality buy lacroix.

It’s also worth mentioning ownboard make several Zeus models. If you’re a heavier bloke then the AWD version may be a good idea, and if you like carving or have poor roads then the bamboo version could also be fun.

This is a great option. Wish I thought to include it.

He did this to me, i actually looked it up the other day, was charged $60usd freight to australia for 1 set of wheels and then he tried to screw more out of me… which resulted in a full refund, i wasnt prepared to pay $100usd for shipping. Sure, im on the other side of the planet but c’mon, fair suck of the sav!

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just cut it loose and wire charge port directly into the xt30 port, i ran mine like that for 500+ km, still going fine. all i need to remember to do is to turn on the charger first before plugging it in the board


True though I wonder if he wants a board that can run urethane based on what he originally posted. Essentially not possible on the Barrel.

Oh, right. Hadn’t thought of that.

Had similar experience shipping to NZ from them. Was my first and last order from them.

I have had nothing but reliability from my hurricane, only tire and belt changes as of maintenance for the last 2k miles. Other than the deck breaking but it got ran over by a fucking car so. I might be one of the lucky ones though to be clear, just trying to weigh in with a good experience.