[Worldwide] WTB Red Bergmeister Hubs

A shot in the dark I know bc these hubs are pretty much unobtanium but in any case, would love a set. Will also do raw or black if I can’t sort out a red set. Cheers! :beers:


You sure you want these?
How many times we had to stop a groupride because of these fucking things… might also have been the tubes that were defect.

if I recall a rubber gromet around the valve fixed the issue a long time ago,
they are pretty neat hubs

I have a dark grey set for 160usd + shipping if interested,
switching for something more MTB

Ya a lot of people had some trouble but as I understand that wasn’t the hubs themselves but the tubes. I can always just run clevers which is what I currently have on the board. They’re aiight for a street board.

Had a look. I’ll DM U. Thx

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@abusfullofnuns Has some I believe.

Ya I did speak w him about a wk ago but there was another interested buyer in front of me in line and then radio silence since then so :man_shrugging:

Thx for lookin out tho :+1:

I have a set of red ones, mint never used with the rubber grommet. They’re reserved for a build but everything has a price tho :wink:

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Oh shit son!! DMd :smiley:

@xsynatic please close. Thx