Worlds most sexiest esk8 build

This build started of as a trampa style mountain board over the summer and went completely off the fucking rails at some point. It uses a 12s12p eve25p cell battery pack i made myself, it even has some of my skin grafted to the back to prove it. The deck, motors, trucks and all that are from an old boosted v1 i got off of Facebook. And everything is held together with cheap packing tape from target and hot glue also from target. The battery out puts 300 amps but the motors start smoking at 84. Sorry for the Rampling.



I added flipsky double kingpins and 8 inch wheels to the board

For anyone curious about the ride feel it feels like riding a partially deflated blow up mattress on top of two medicine balls.


don’t mind me, im just here for the comment section


Lunchboxes on top are the sexiest addition possible to a skate.





160-190 miles of range on that big hard pulsing slab of wood


Electric pelicase with a side of skateboard, right on


You really couldn’t be bothered to at least go for the good quality packing tape? As someone who has used way too much tape, the no brand cheap crap is not worth your money because you need 3-4x as much for the same result of the brand name stuff.

If you were near me I’d throw some bolts and nuts at you free of charge if it meant no more tape on your board. Please visit your local hardware store before you get seriously injured when that tape fails. Don’t donate more flesh to this build when you don’t need to

I’m here before the battery builders noticed your thread, so I guess I should point this out: the monitoring wires crossing each other without some fish paper in between them is a bad practice. If the insulation is damaged on any of them they can end up giving your bms incorrect data, and that is just asking for your battery to become unbalanced

Not trying to shit on the build; just don’t want you to get injured or to have your battery get unbalanced because that is a pain in the ass to deal with.


Is your board dating anybody?


Is that big box in the middle like a seat for when u get tired legs?


Thank you for the feed back, this is my first build so im not to well versed in the doos and donts of electric skateboard building or battery building. I will definitely keep those pieces of advice in mind when doing my next build.


You bet your bippy it is


Can I suggest a padded seat top for increased comfort. #upgradezz


Padded seat on top of the power button seems like a pretty good idea


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Eh it’s French, they’re all quirky in some way or another. Meanwhile supercars and those curves…



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