Wolverine | OM-6085 200KV | MBS Core-95 Deck | E-TOXX Trampa MINI Dual Gear Drive -HELICAL GEARS | Trampa trucks | Superstar 6.5 inch wheel | Carbon Fiber Custom Enclosure | Psychotiller Anti Spark Switch | 12S4P Molicel P26A 18650 battery pack

Its been three years since I built a fresh build. All new all fresh some parts I just bought, some are left over from past builds I didn’t use. This will be a slow process but steady. Please chime in and welcome to observe.

So I have already made a similar post and threw hard labor, sweat and tears to come up with this refined build, I would love to hear your suggestions and ideas.

Deck: MBS Core-95 Deck

Trucks: Front ULTIMATE ATB Hanger - 9.525mm TITANIUM Axles, Rear VERTIGO E-MTB Hanger - 12mm HOLLOW Steel Axles

Wheels: Superstar 6.5 inch wheel - Pimp Chrome SUPERSTAR Rim with Low Profile 6.5 Inch URBAN Treads Tires

Battery: 12S4P Molicel P26A 18650 battery pack.

2x Motors: OM-6085 200KV

2x VESC: Enertion VESC X

Remote: Maytech Remote Controller

Enclosure - Carbon Fiber Custom Enclosure


Welcome back!!!


Thanks glad to be back

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What do you have in mind for an enclosure? Other than it blocking your RF signals.
Presumably it’s going under your deck?

I’m considering making a fibreglass ‘top-box’ for my next build, but am a bit worried I’ve never seen anyone with one (except for some really janky old boards, so maybe it’s a bad idea, or just hard to make look good.

Also, how are those gear drives looking, very excited to see your EToxxs.

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Here is an example of a top box here is the link to that treasure.

Making of the carbon fiber enclosure.

Taping the board so I can lay carbon fiber and epoxy over Styrofoam.

Measuring and cutting Styrofoam.

I use headliner adhesive to stick to tape as mold. But not to much cause adhesive will eat the Styrofoam.

Taping Styrofoam with masking tape then going to lay scotch tape as barrier.

Then spraying release coat and let dry before laying epoxy.

After release coat is dry lay carbon fiber.

Let carbon fiber and epoxy set and cure.


Trucks came in.



Pulling and seperating enclosure


ahhh, friggin gorgeous man nice lookin enclosure! Love seeing the whole process, keep up the good work!


Thanks appreciate it.


This was going to be the initial set up then the E-Toxx showed up.


Looks great dude !

I don’t know how flexible are those decks (I would say quite a bit), but a single segment carbon fiber enclosure will be very stiff and offers no room for flex. My guess is too much flex and the enclosure will crack. :neutral_face:

The enclosure masters make segmented enclosure like this one (and that’s fiberglass):

Lacroix who uses carbon for their enclosures do it this way too :
Newer ones :

Older ones :


Thanks for the concern. The board is extra stuff and the segmented enclosure doesn’t fit to the contour of the board as I would like to. I do understand.


I meant to say extra stiff. The board doesn’t flex at all. But I have extra custom enclosures. If that seems to become a problem I also have the segmented enclosure as a contingency plan.


Yea I got you the first time don’t worry. :slight_smile:

You could try “jumping” (foots not leaving the board) on it and record that if you want to be sure. :+1:

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The board does have some flex. Tell me what you think.

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The carbon enclosure will make it more rigid but I would personally advise against going this way.

The issue is that the enclosure have no way of moving with the flex, putting the stress on the inserts and the middle part of the enclosure. It might works until it doesn’t.

Maybe I’m too cautious. If it breaks, you could make a segmented carbon enclosure for the next iteration. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the concern. I have considered the implications of going that route. So I’m in the process of rethinking my development. I might make a carbon segmented as you suggested.



Changing out center piece.




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