With all the Enertion hate going around...what VESC do you use?

Me personally? I’m waiting for the TB! But I’m totally curious about other trains of thought!


2 FOCBOX, flawless performance so far, wish they still made them and that they actually shipped things on time

2 TB Vesc, also work great, never have fun FOC on them


flipsky single, mini maker x, maytech vesc6, ESCapes, esk8.de 4.12


Flip 6.6 dual, Maker-X dual, 2x Focbox, soon to get my 2x wizard upgraded Flip 4.20 singles back.

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Fs 4.12, 6.6 dual mini, makerx dual, Focboxes but I had no luck with them, killed 4 already

Is someone pushing the makerx dual at 12s FOC? I like a lot the form factor.

Vesc-X and Focbox 1.6
FOC-mode. No can. 2x receivers. No issues.

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Focbox and Canbus. Thank God for Johnny Meduse.

I have only ever run focbox. Looking towards something new now, maybe Trampa VESC6 - bit pricey so just waiting to see what’s going on with other suppliers

4 @torqueboards 4.12, 5 focboxes, 2 enertion 4.12, 1 flipsky 4.20 dual


I just bought 2 focboxes, is connecting vis canbus not a good idea? How else do you run them in a dual setup?

Split ppm is another option.

Theres nothing wrong with canbus either


2 single Focboxes and an esk8.de controller the esk8 controller is great and similar to a focbox but unfortunately they are always out of stock…

There is a bit of a difference between them.
Mine as well run pretty hot and one of them broke fast unfortunately

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I’m using 2 unitys…


Been using my Flipsky 4.20 Dual Plus for a few hundred kilometres now :+1:

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Thats unfortunate :pensive: didnt have any problems with mine yet. But im running FOC on 10s though.

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Was running 11s on bldc when mine broke. Might have been only not lucky.

No warranty?

Nope unfortunately not.