WingBuilds #6 SuperCharger121c | Glass Frit 121c Aileron | Hummie V4 | 10s4p 30Q D140| Focbox Unity | Mini remote remote

Hello everyone,
You may or may not know that I have worked on numerous build in this past year. Some owned and some for others. And each one of them are unique and special. I take pride in my work because I put in a lot of effort in making my own custom parts / design choices with limited resources. These are the the ones that I’m the most proud of:

  1. Hummie Beast | Hummie v4 Complete
  2. Sofu’s S3 | Gbomb HAYA
  3. Stealth bomber | R2.1 hub Hyperbeast
  4. SW proto | Bracketed Spud w/ bevel gear
  5. Choppy | Focbox unity testbench

And Now let me introduce you to

The Super Charger | FWD Hummie Aileron

It is a rebuild of The Charger by @nuttyJeff. It was already a beauty in it’s original form. I’ve always eye over his builds and glad to have a chance to put it back together courtesy of @topcloud. With the stock piles of parts we have, we went with Hummies in a FWD configuration to allow more control over the rear wheels to take advantage of the signature kicktail of the Aileron. The build was fairly simple. fit everything into the existing modified Eboosted Enclosure.

Testing fit. 10s4p with a unity and D140 stack on top

Had to swap out the XT90 for xt60 and balance wire connector for the D140 since the battery didnt come with a BMS. D140 wrapped with heat shrink to prevent shorting to the unity heatsink.


  • Glass Frit 121C Aileron by @nuttyJeff
  • Modified Eboosted Enclosure by @nuttyJeff
  • Hummie V4 70kv hubs
  • FOCBOX Unity
  • 10s4p 30Q (forgot who built this)
  • Bestech D140
  • Modded GT2B remote (not sure who made this)

First ride:

After 16miles on this small nifty deck, it feels freaking great at low speed. It’s grippy and carves super well. I have tried a mono drive arcboard Aileron from @sofu before and it’s definitely way better on a dual setup. No more scary torque steering especially going down a hill. Since this deck is small it’s perfect for this 10S 70Kv hummie setup, topping at 25 mph.

Let’s talk about the FWD. casual riding on flat ground, you wont notice too much of a difference. Freeing the rear wheel for more manuverbility with the kicktail is fun. You can now do a manual and spin around much easier. I have never had a kick tail so I’m not very good at it. But everything has a tradeoff. Moving the hubs to the front means, I am losing a traction to the ground under hard acceleration and up hill. Because the deck is short, it not easy to just lean forward to keep your weight at the front. Sometimes I feel like I can fall off by putting all my weight on the front baseplate. Also the glass frit locks me feet in too much. All the road vibration goes straight into my feet and ache my feet after 16miles.

Overall, I still really like this build. I need a little more practice with the tail to fully utilize it. I can see myself get good enough to pop it up and manual off a curb. Traction issue can be a pain since I live in SF so preferably this is for someone who lives in some flatter cities. We might swap to another Aileron without the glass frit in the future to see if it gets better. Or maybe just sand down the glass.


Original Build.


Loving all the fwd love I’ve been seeing lately.
Great little build.

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Need a tailbone tho


Name’s @avio on this forum haha.

Awesome seeing this build evolve. Loving it.


Also, not a modded GT2B remote, it’s a mini remote mod!


Oh same thing. Trigger remotes are hazardous. :upside_down_face:

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Nice. What’s the final weight of this board?