Wider trucks = more stable?

narrow trucks = more grip around corners


But it means you will fall off at the slightest bump

Also narrow trucks or narrow wheels

What? Why would that happen?


Because that’s what happened with narrow truck

Wider trucks = more stability now??

Have you ever watched anyone do downhill?
They regularly go faster than pretty much anyone on this forum. Do they ride wide trucks?


We used to ride anywhere between 170-200+mm trucks downhill in the first decade this century, but DH is constantly evolving. The trend has been from long drop(+/- dropthrough) decks, wide trucks, narrow-ish contact patch, large diameter rounded edge offset wheels to shorter topmount decks, narrower trucks, wider and smaller hard edge centerset wheels.

Wider trucks dampen steering response ime, but does not necessarily mean more stability- this makes sense why DH has trended towards narrower trucks: agility. For example, some high speed slalom happens with super narrow trucks and those guys freaking fly.


I think slalos are too narrow my friend. I would suggest mollys

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Where the hell are you getting this information?


Such as don’t tb218s are much more stable then standard calibers

Nope… just fit bigger motors.


and bigger wheels…

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It’s just preference, people use wider wheels, wider decks and huge motors now. Narrow is arguably more stable.


This is where years of actually skateboarding comes into play. Nah let’s just assume everything!


K maybe wrong thought it had something to do with your center of gravity

But if you think about it with a thin wheel stance on a wide deck with a wide feet stance then leaning a bit would make you fall off

My experience of penny boards, skateboards, and longboards makes me think wider is more stable; like, you can’t tip the board over as easily! Not that it matters in practice though really…

I think I’ll move this discussion into its own thread since we’re derailing the topic away from that awesome drivetrain


Sure, your deck width should be smaller than the wheel stance.
And ideally, when these sizes match, you have a board reasonably well balanced where the wheels don’t protrude to the extreme and prevent pushing


Of course you can put too narrow of trucks on a wide deck. Just like too wide on a narrow deck.
Trucks should fit the deck.


Comparing these three entirely different types of skateboards with entirely different styles of trucks and only chalking their stability differences up to truck width is nonsense.


If you think about it, it’s understandable that wider trucks lose grip more easily when turning since they act as a lever. In a tight turn the opposite side wheel will lose downward pressure and raise off the ground. This pressure reduction happens throughout the angle of the turn. Now imagine full lean on narrow trucks, it’s much harder to lift the opposite wheel becasue the lever isn’t as long. This translates to more downward pressure (more traction) on the wheel when turning compared to wider stances.