Why isn't this here yet?

Hi guys, long time no see. I’m still recovering, walking around even cleared for driving. BUT I can’t run, jump or ride skateboards. It’s a sore subject for me, but hey, no reason to stop calling these noobs out on their dumb ideas. I bought a recumbent trike and already went 100 miles (electric mid-drive of course).

I logged in tonight to see the thread about this crap, and either can’t find it, or there isn’t one yet. So WTF is this shit? Did you guys see this yet?


Yup. Literally 4 threads under yours



Thank you!


No problem. Off to bed I go. Welcome back btw


Fuck off, squish is a legend.

Didn’t get the chance to talk to him much before his accident but have been helped by so many of his topics and threads.

Good feels and fast heals @Squishy654. A lot of people would be happy to see you properly reintroduce yourself here.


Yooooooo @Squishy654! Good to see you back man! Glad you’re recovering. You will ride again my dude! Pics of the e-recumbent? Sounds dope!

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Huh? I simply responded to his question. I searched for the post and found it right under his. I don’t think there was any malice in my phrase other than obvious fact I was tired as hell. Even said welcome back. I know all about the ICU story

Edit: edited my first comment to show what I was responding to :slightly_smiling_face:

Just giving your balls a bust



Glad to see you back posting.
More glad to hear you are recovering.


Yah VESC that’ll never gain traction I mean this guy is the real innovator he came up with word FOCBox guys.

He goes on to explain what it means but doesn’t explain FOC means field oriented control.

Also this is a clone forum not a place we all came to because he was reading people’s private messages and going on drunk rants in the middle of the night.

What a shame guys.


guys i’m going to have to mention (with a smirk on my face) that we shouldn’t defame jason. he sent me a C&D for defamation on this forum… you know… since obviously i control you all.

~waving fingers~ you should not defame jason… oooooooo…



I have 30 left for sale $200 shipped from San Francisco

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