Why is no one making / selling top mount enclosures?

How did we get here? We have a decent variety of bottom mounted enclosures to purchase from likes of @BigBen @EboardSolutions @eBoosted etc…

On the other hand as far as I know we have 0 options regarding top mount enclosures. I was told that @3DServisas will be selling his with cells only, as well as @Skyart

So my question is. Why is no one making them? I have a battery built already and I don’t like the look of peli case (it reminds me of my work too much :joy:).

I am starting my off road build and I need a decent look enclosure.

Someone help me?

Also if someone here reading this is capable of Makin custom enclosure that will fit apex predator deck, let me know. I am willing to order one.

@SabreDynamics do you want another challenge? :joy:


A low-profile top mount would be great for boards where the ends are higher up than the standing platform.


I second this! I would love a low profile small enclosure that looks sleek on top of a MTB. The look is the only thing that puts me off top mounting, it kills the carver look!


Would love to make one, unfortunately the platework would be too large to fit on our current CNC. I believe @ApexBoards is working on something though.

It would be nice to have a streamlined top mount enclosure made from carbon fiber/composite in the future. Maybe @glyphiks will cook something up at some point.


Without giving away too much I can say that I know of 2 more vendors here working on such things for a while now. Not to worry, they are quite different solutions :upside_down_face: Options are great!


Want a quick-release top mount so that I can save the rest of the board during fireworks.


I have been contemplating the idea of a top box that looks good for a loooooong time. It has seriously plagued me for so long, I think about it ALL the time.

In HUNDREDS of hours of thought, i haven’t been able to come up with something that is;

  • easy to make
  • functional
  • looks good
  • water tight
  • smallest possible footprint

As somewhat of a perfectionist at times, I haven’t been able to concoct a perfect solution to the boxes that i need checked from a top box.

Its a considerable challenge in my opinion and I suspect this is what is taking said vendors some time to bring their boxes to market.


This ticks quite a lot of those boxes though (no pun intended)…


Its got hard corners. That doesn’t tick my box of ‘looks good’

I was super happy with the box i made for my Madness build. But it definitely didn’t tick all the boxes



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If there was a decent amount of demand, I wouldn’t mind doing an “infinity” box (higher quality than my 3dp topmount esc enclosures), and going through the “community-inspired” design process.

Stuff like this is just kinda pricey to make. But again, if there is demand for a higher quality “premium” product, I would be happy to start designing something. Not sure what would be the most optimal construction/material. Could be machined (plastic or metal), bent, molded, 3dp :man_shrugging:

My buddy and I have been doing a lot of bent parts with https://www.machinesuits.com/

Some sheet alum enclosure would be dope, just tough to seal well (ig the corners can be welded, just adds to the cost :man_shrugging:)


I like this a lot. I think it has potential, add a quick release , some o rings, you will have a lot of the criteria . Artem is selling them, it’s new, I can see add a groove for rubber o rings, use deck screw inserts with some quick release,real potential.@skyart
If it had o rings when. It’s sandwiches down it would be pretty well sealed. I don’t know,I’m not as technical as you guys, I’m reading and learning,but most are light years ahead. I love the clean look,I think little o rings for the hardware would be good too.I think he says you can change the exterior appearance,so it has a “skin “ so custom exterior print could be an option
I’m sure there a good reason
S why what I’m about to say is stupid and short sighted, perhaps add a lip on 1 side so it interfaces with a deck mounted hinge/groove,small QR on the other side, so it’s 1 QR,removing it would let the box hinge up and come free in seconds. But I’m no engineer💁Hell you can extend the base in the hinge side so it has a few mm of lip,that will interface with your deck mounted “hinge grove interface” but I’m just waiting for my glaring logic flaw to be pointed out.

This is just the first I found,should be a low profile option that looks good


Polycase is still my go to for top weird and cool top boxes that are waterproof and shock resistant.

They have some cool series


Wish this guy came in black. Need to give it a good skinning.



Its still just a box


I mentioned Trampa…whoops…watch and learn…I would love to know the history

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The history of trampa making shit boxes? There’s not much to tell. They started making shit boxes, they continued making shit boxes, they added free spontaneous combustion to their boxes… and they charged a fortune for it the whole time. If you like em, that’s great. But personally they don’t tick many of my boxes.


Thanks for the bakcround. I recently had to upgrade to the dogbone mount design from the crappy bushed they used before. Yeah if they had not of improved it the bottom bolts where about 2mm from shorting the P groups. I was surpoesed they shipped it out like that. The improvements eliminated that issue. Your points are noted. Cheers


Most people use Pelican or similar cases. Some might argue that there has been no need because these types of cases already exist, hold a bunch of battery and even other stuff, are water proof, and can be bolted on with some well thought out drilling and padding. And they sure af beat the carbon fiber fire hazards i’ve seen some people come up with.


Hey, it’s not like you to hold back.
Tell us how you really feel. :joy:


Yeah I get that… The issue is that it is ugly…