Why dont you ever see stuff on ebay?

Im from the uk, im on a budget and lookimg for stuff, wheels trucks and motors, i look on ebay in the states for second hand stuff but never really see much on ebay, is there another place to look

reddid, facebook depending on what you looking for.
ebay should be full of stuff too, maybe not the exact thing you look for but similar parts.

Don’t see it because everyone here is a hoarder! Like after the apocalypse, esk8 will be the only source of transportation and they will be the gatekeepers kinda hoarding. Lol


Looking forward to that. I’m ready :smiling_imp:

Just need to get my solar charging game up to par


I have a seriously embarrassing stack of components… I’ve been hoarding for the Brexpocalypse , just have some postage to pay @rey8801 and I have everything I need for 8 new builds .:slight_smile:


you beginner…:laughing::rofl:


I need to double up my multi-build rack again , I keep finding myself working on the floor :smile:


The Damnnnn… you stil have space on your floor??? Im getting into arguments with the wife about using my sons desk… i mean he doesn’t get homework and he is in kindergarten. Does he reeaaaallly need the desk at the moment?


im talking about this space, i have something everywhere and have to CLEAR floor space lol

thats an old pic, 3 more builds added since then

… don’t get me started on how many hex keys this place eats and at times I can just blindly reach out and just feel about for a 1mm space on any space / floor / container

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Dickyho parts are about the only good things you will find on ebay.




Can get Flipsky vesc 4.12 on eBay

The for sale thread here or you could put up a wanted thread?


I feel like we are quickly approaching the point where cheap chinese prebuilts are the better way to go for the economy class.

Well, even more so go Build Kit Boards kits. They have everything you need for a quality build at a very modest pricepoint.

As with high end motorcycles and cars, DIY is going to be mostly for performance, customization, and variety.

If you want cheap, it probably already exists at a price point that you couldn’t do it for unless you have a modest shop already.

I don’t think this is a bad thing. Merely progression.


Agreed, for $4-500 you can get a decent entry level prebuilt. I’m honestly taken by teamgee boards myself, they are very sleek looking.

Don’t agree…3rd world countries need strong and reliable vehicles…Cheap Chinese products would not last over here…Or worst, they might kill you faster than economy…So middle to low class, won’t even buy a cheap board…mid upper class, just a few, the ones who dares to commute the city…and upper class buy all inclusive shity boards, that they paid tons of money, to use it ones in a life time, and they think they have the Porche tech in their feet (oooooohhhh we have a lot of this stupid assholes here…involuted people with money…)

I think he meant classification of eskateboards not people lol, economic as in what you get for the money, like a Honda not a Ferrari.

Example I have at least $300 in my entry level diy, amazon volador deck, 10s4p 8ah 25mph, vesc 4.12. Clone flywheels wheels and dickyho mounts with a keda motor. About as budget as it gets. For the same money I could prob buy a more refined prebuilt with the only difference being maybe the vesc.

:joy::joy::joy::joy: goddamnit so true. I don’t need 8 junked motors I just wanted to fix ONE of them and maybe have 7 back-up ones that sort of work for the 4 boards that my future friends eventually will want!!!