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How to assemble an esk8 on a budget

Are you searching on how to build a board but with limited budget?

Disclaimer #1: this is the cheapest yet reliable build. Don’t expect a Koenigsegg for the price of a Beetle. You can go cheaper but you lose quality
Disclaimer #2: remember to get safety gear. It’s cheaper than surgery. Look for gear with these standards:
EN1621-1 All Body Parts (Except Back/Spine) level 1/2
EN1621-2 Back/Spine level 1/2
prEN1621-3 Chest level 1/2
EN 1078, ASTM F1952 Helmet

Let’s get started

You need: deck, wheels, mounts, pulleys, belts, motors, ESC, battery, enclosure, grip tape, mounting hardware, Allen keys, soldering supplies, XT connectors, wires, Loctite, etc.

@dickyho parts:
Wheel pulleys 17mm 22.5$
Wheels 28$
Motor mount 20$
Belt 15MM 2.5$
Motor pulley 17mm 8$
ESC substitute 48$
Or 4.12 VESC FSESC 50$
Mini trigger remote for VESC 19$
Caliber Trucks 50° Amazon US 40$
Caliber Trucks 50° EU 50$
Single Motor 6368 190kv 55€
If you want dual drive, get 2x vesc, 2x pulleys, 2x motors, 2x belts, 1x canbus or 1x PPM splitter.
2x batteries 5S 5Ah 30C 43$
Charger iMaxB6AC 40$
Enclosure from @bigben or simple Tupperware box or IKEA plant/cutlery tray. 30$?
Soldering iron 100W 20$
XT60 3$
AS150 anti-spark 9$
Wires 2$
Solder 60/40 Rosin Core 5$
Bullet connectors 6$
Heat shrink tubing 2$
Loctite 243 9$
Allen keys option 1 25$
Allen keys option 2 12£
For the deck search eBay for a cheap used one.
@riptidesports for bushings

Grand total for single drive including the tools: 440-500$
Any questions, shoot.

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For Allen keys on a budget go with

I bought Weras and Bondhus Allen keys and I ended up returning the weras. Wasnt impressed by them


You could go 50$ cheaper by getting a complete longboard from amazon 50$, it will have Paris trucks, while not ideal, if you drill a dimple for the set screws and use dickyhos Paris mounts you can save that caliber $.

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