How to assemble an esk8 on a budget

Are you searching on how to build a board but with limited budget?

Disclaimer #1: this is the cheapest yet reliable build. Don’t expect a Koenigsegg for the price of a Beetle. You can go cheaper but you lose quality
Disclaimer #2: remember to get safety gear. It’s cheaper than surgery. Look for gear with these standards:
EN1621-1 All Body Parts (Except Back/Spine) level 1/2
EN1621-2 Back/Spine level 1/2
prEN1621-3 Chest level 1/2
EN 1078, ASTM F1952 Helmet

Let’s get started

You need: deck, wheels, mounts, pulleys, belts, motors, ESC, battery, enclosure, grip tape, mounting hardware, Allen keys, soldering supplies, XT connectors, wires, Loctite, etc.

@dickyho parts:
Wheel pulleys 17mm 22.5$
Wheels 28$
Motor mount 20$
Belt 15MM 2.5$
Motor pulley 17mm 8$
ESC substitute 48$
Or 4.12 VESC FSESC 50$
Mini trigger remote for VESC 19$
Caliber Trucks 50° Amazon US 40$
Caliber Trucks 50° EU 50$
Single Motor 6368 190kv 55€
If you want dual drive, get 2x vesc, 2x pulleys, 2x motors, 2x belts, 1x canbus or 1x PPM splitter.
2x batteries 5S 5Ah 30C 43$
Charger iMaxB6AC 40$
Enclosure from @bigben or simple Tupperware box or IKEA plant/cutlery tray. 30$?
Soldering iron 100W 20$
XT60 3$
AS150 anti-spark 9$
Wires 2$
Solder 60/40 Rosin Core 5$
Bullet connectors 6$
Heat shrink tubing 2$
Loctite 243 9$
Allen keys option 1 25$
Allen keys option 2 12£
For the deck search eBay for a cheap used one.
@riptidesports for bushings

Grand total for single drive including the tools: 440-500$
Any questions, shoot.

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For Allen keys on a budget go with

I bought Weras and Bondhus Allen keys and I ended up returning the weras. Wasnt impressed by them


You could go 50$ cheaper by getting a complete longboard from amazon 50$, it will have Paris trucks, while not ideal, if you drill a dimple for the set screws and use dickyhos Paris mounts you can save that caliber $.

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Thank you for this! I’ve got a budget of 1000$ CAD, would this be a good place to start from and upgrade things such as battery and motor to match my needs? This is my first board let alone DIY so this was an awesome thing to find


it would be good yes. also consider getting a @BuildKitBoards board, maybe without battery?


I can ship batteries internationally now