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Whooshboards motor mounts, truck, pulleys +++

Unless gear drive manufacturers like @moon think even more would be beneficial for their drive-trains, 10mm extra on each side would be perfect :slight_smile:

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heya, i just checked your website @Mikaelj

i was going to order some small parts, but it tells me 45 usd flat shipping to austria

is this set in stone for shipping to EU ?

Its 14 not tracked and not insured and 39 insured and tracked for me to Germany.

whoosh.bmp (312.3 KB)

just put 2 clamps into basket for testing… 45$ for such a small package is kind of a dealbreaker…

but maybe im not getting something :thinking:

On a hanger like this as narrow as possible I guess…

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Thats the exact conversation i had with @Mikaelj
I’ve send Whole Motors to the US, tracked and insured up to 500€ for 1€ more than the uninsured and not tracked shipping method (14$).

I like the mount, but i’m not gonna pay 39$ for shipping or take the risk for 14$.

Not sure if Mikael checked other shipping companies or who exactly does his shipments.I suspected a Goverment problem but who knows.

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thing is i would really like 2 clamps, but i cant justify buying enough from the site to make the shipping seem worth it…

its just kinda weird because yea norway is not in the eu, but cmon its like a 2-3 day delivery time

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+1 for interest in a 50xx mounting pattern :pray::+1:


What it wrong with that country :open_mouth:

Cheapest shipping i’ve found yet was UPS with 22€ but no info if it is tracked.


lol at these prices, might aswell get a flight ticket and pick up the stuff yourself :man_shrugging:


you hear that @Mikaelj

We are coming to pick it up jk :smiley:
(Flights from Frankfurt to Norway)


Every time I see prices like this, but I know there exists a flight route that would get a whole person there and back cheaper, I wonder if it would be wise to start a shipping company that just sends people back and forth lol

Edit: Could even send lithium ion batteries that way :thinking:


Try shipping from USA to Lithuania. Cheapest I found was $275.00. Told them to pound sand


Appreciate the effort guys, I will have a closer look at this later. But yes, we are not part of EU and shipping is expensive. Edit : checked shipping from torquebards to me, 1 motor mount cost 60 usd and has same shipping price, 40 usd. So I am not alone in having to charge that much for shipping. Surfrodz wanted 72 usd.


You can probably ship them to me and I’ll hand them off to klaus next time I see him.

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shipping from torqueboards to me 10.000 kilometers
shipping from norway to me 1.500 kilometers

same price :thinking:

ive recently bought 4 motors from Lithuania, and 2 esc’s from sweden, both deliveries below 20€ tracked

so a tiny package with 2 clamps for 45 is kinda out of the question


I will see if I can find another solution for tiny packages. Its 3300km to drive from here to Vienna. I am located in Tromsø.


Pretty sure These are the only tkp mounts I haven’t tried.
Really wanna get my hands on a set.


@Mikaelj these prices aren’t compitetive at all lol


Lol I hope that isn’t accurate.