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Whooshboards motor mounts, truck, pulleys +++

Hi guys and girls,

I will post any news regarding whoosh motor mounts and other esk8 parts here. For those who do not know me from the esk8 builders forum, I have been selling these motor mounts for a while now:

Currently I am working on a new precision truck, longer motor plates and a v2.0 of the caliber clamps.

Right now I would love some feedback for what you would like to see in a new truck design for esk8, what I am thinking to produce so far is this:

  • CNC alu 7075 190mm hanger with removable axles and simple profile to make mounts for

  • 3mm rake, flippable hanger for positive/neg rake

  • unrestricted bushing seat

  • 45 and 35 degree baseplates

  • Offset from axle to kingpin 17mm

  • Sabre or Paris Savant pivot (or simply Caliber II type pivot?)

  • Smooth black finish, just like the mounts

Some images of the current concept:

Compared to precision Calibers they should be stiffer and stronger with a higher safety factor from all angles:


It’s a good time to be in esk8. I welcome all these trucks and mounts.

8 months ago we had 3 real choices. 8 months from now it’s going to be bliss.

You guys are doing the lords work :love_you_gesture:


I think 2020 will be a great year for ESK8 as well.

Save for some government crackdown on all E-lectric forms of entertainment.


too late @DiscoursePolice


Maybe you could also offer 150mm hangers for those that want narrower setup?


I will start out with the 190mm for dual 6355 setups,then we will see what happens next :slightly_smiling_face: Maybe 150mm down is better for tkp style trucks / shorter boards.


Probably old news but it’s funny how links to this forum have all been ‘corrupted’ on that old godforsaken forum :joy::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Pretty sure you can have the link in your profile and it wont go away. Might be a good way to direct people over here if thats your endgame :man_shrugging:

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Used tinyurl instead, think it will be fine then


Been a while since we last saw you! What ever happened to your custom trucks? Did Boardnamics beat you to market and that’s it? Or is it still happening?

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If they’ve got good qc I’ll happily be a repeat customer :+1::sunglasses:

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I have just had a lot on my plate lately, like many other people in here making stuff, this is a side project and not how I make my living. To be honest I have been on the fence if I should continue making esk8 related products or if I should do something different with more potential for mass production.

Also seeing people getting hurt by not using helmets, trusting their lives on cheaply made components and kids out and about in traffic makes me wonder if I want to be a part of it all.

On a positive note, what I have done in the meantime is a new shorter mount which is adjustable, like the old fixed version just with adjustable angle. That one and a new Caliber style clamp with nylon lock nuts are ready for production.

And the hanger with caliber pivot is ready to be produced. Together with 17-4PH axles it would cost around 70 usd per piece, are people interested in those at that price point? I still need to design the clamp for it.


So, I am debating if I should produce the 80mm c-c to allow forward mounting on TKP hex trucks like todays 80mm plates:

Or doing 73mm center to center to have the best clearence for more battery on RKP build, and then make the planned 95mm plates later for rearward mounting. The caliber mounts have been selling a lot more than the TKP ones so I am leaning towards the shorter plates:

Caliber clamp now has same nylon lock nut as hex clamp:

Same slotted design for adjustability as before:

And you are still able to run idlers if you like, like this setup:

How the truck would look with axles installed:

Some photos explaining the improved crossbar install, when all is in place you just insert the crossbar with required spacers:


Wow, that looks really nice. :green_heart:

I tend to prefer forward mounting when possible not only because of tails but also because I’ve noticed that motors forward of trucks get much less debris and less banged up and also fare better in snow and water. The wheels seem to throw everything up off the street right into whatever is behind them


Those axles look mighty short. Producing trucks for esk8 that can’t handle push-fit pulleys with bearings is a big no-no imho.


Can the new @torqueboards CNC trucks do that?

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No, and that’s why they aren’t selling like hot cakes yet


I like the 73mm center to center idea. As short as possible to increase the clearance for smaller setups. Market seems light on those options. Lots of the current models available are long

If you can throw 50mm mounting holes, that may be an advantage too. Not sure if TB stopped selling them or not but some vendors have

A good 3D printed cover. A gasket for the cover for TPU printing to reduce rattling.

They look great! I’m in the process of designing something like that and 3D test fitting currently


People with 50mm motors probably want even shorter mounts, but I agree with your points.


Great input, how long would you want it to be? 10mm extra on each side? Now it is 35mm from built-in speed ring to the end.

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