Who makes a loopkey out of these?

I know my soldering iron isn’t up to the challenge and think I’ll end up melting them

I need at least 2. Maybe 10 or 8 awg wire in a small loop

Time for a bigger one?

I have the iron and skill but not the connectors.

Fwiw this soldering iron 3 in 1 from microcenter is a beast and under $200. Was $130 around Christmas. Haven’t hit a joint yet it couldn’t melt with ease.


is that a fume extractor built into the iron wand? because I think maybe I need that.


Yes. And it actually works well. Now I have to smoke my lead separately to get high.


@hummieee sorry, didn’t mean to derail your service request. I just wet my pants when I saw that solder station.


It’s a good unit. Had one in an old lab for many years.


Mine is simply on or off

But those plugs are huge I realized and going to go the step down

I can’t find the other part right now.


urge to turn this into a soldering station thread is strong.


Quick QK202D is my go-to for higher-wattage production-grade irons.

With a 5mm wedge tip you can solder 6-gauge silicone wire with ease, maybe even 4 gauge, though I’ve never tried.

That link is no good

…How do I edit previous posts? this has been driving me nuts…

depends on how many amps u gonna pull sustain, i think QS8 is well enough for any esk8 or ebike build, unless u can pull 200a constant

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Once you get to level 1 (or two, I forgot) you will be able to edit posts.

Ahhhh. That explains it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes the “10” version is overkill but maybe will do it for the feel n look and durability n slightly better conductivity. Hate the feel of little plugs

Using a single flipsky 73100. With it using the firmware allowing crazy high amps, and it being cheap, I’ll be putting it and the loopkey to the test

Nothing is little about an XT90 for esk8 use.

Of course, I’m not stopping you from going bigger :smile:


It’s little for my fingers and that fat loopkey sitting heavy in my chest pocket bumps my ego up.


uh all these three things don’t mix well together


The new flipsky 73100 has shown well and ticks all those boxes. Will see, but yea it’s not a good mix. Then again tech has been moving forward. It’s 2023 almost

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