Who has a street luge we could put 6 hub motors on?

if only chris chaput were ever reachable maybe he’d be the best bet.


Uphill luge


I had the same thought

This just seems like a beautiful idea


My friends dad is a professional luge racer. I can ask him if he has an extra for the cause!


I’m imagining a professional luger’s fame and it’s a pretty small circle and the sport seemed to maybe kinda have died along with this sf event, but an electric street luge could be big fame in a wider circle of e-nerds. to be able to say “most efficient high speed human propulsion” or something. And could compare to everything else

What else could beat it?! It’s the smallest frontal area possible and wind resistance is everything at high speed.

“Luges” has to be one of the most awkward plural words.


Luges lol, this is all I can see when the luge comes up.



6 high kv hub motors on it soon.

Only girls get to ride on my lap @Alpacaslapper


You’re a maniac !! Love it

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Wow. This is nucking futs!
Heck yes…


Anyone tried one of these?

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If you get this project off the ground and are up to it.

I propose to build an uphill Luge if you are willing to bring your team and run with us at uphill events in 2020.

Could be fun🏁


is that you moe? thats the first one ive seen.

we’re putting it together today. having a remote in hand? hell no. with the ability to hold on I plan to set the brakes to their maximum power charge-rate be damned. Im thinking some footpegs are in order so can slam them on and not get launched.

this will allow us to really utilize all the power these motors and escs can put out.

I want to race this thing up mountains for sure. lately been thinking about your trucks and how if they had some foot pegs on them or something could allow better control and sharp turning.

id rather watch an uphill street luge race than a skate race. Moe if you get it on the roster im sure we’ll get the luge there.

What sled is that? this one is all steel and very stout and maybe a good idea considering the forces that will be going into it which it isn’t designed for. will be designing one for sure as soon as these next motors show. so far it seems we only have each other to race against. anyone else? Im more interested in racing the clock and the wattmeter really. hell of a lot safer I think for a mass start race than skating though. that race I saw you in where you were on the far left and it was drone footage of the very start…that was ridiculous and amazing that everyone wasn’t wiped out. If you have the footage please post it again! ive watched it at least 30 times but still would get some more laughs. there’s like 15 ridiculous things going on at once.

this was posted just above. pretty cool. not something id want to go too fast on or put much torque through but I dig it.

and really cheap.

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i saw that actually. going around a velodrome in a mass start race doesn’t appeal to me and seems to not have caught on. they’re limited by the turning

I know my friend Candy would be interested in this. She is a professional downhill longboarder and runs our local women’s longboarding group. She hit a rail and lost her ability to walk a bit over a year ago and we’ve been talking to her for a while about building an electric luge board to get her back on the hills.Can definitely put you in touch with her.


Am I the only one who wants to shove some grip on there to see how it rides standing up? that wedge at the back would give excellent footlocking :smile:



Just talked to him yesterday and he was going to put his four motors on the luge finally. Was finally going to happen (still looking for a good throttle).
Maybe an e luge is ideal for when you have a broken foot and hopefully still going as planned.

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