Electric Street Luge and Buttboard Talk

Just took my e-buttboard out for it’s maiden voyage and wow does it bring back memories of racing analog Buttboards + exhilaration I haven’t felt on an e-board in a while. I wanted to make a topic to compile the other e-luge and e-buttboard projects, encourage others to give it a try, and create a place to discuss luge/Buttboards related mechanics, techniques, tips and tricks.

Other related topics on the forum:

Where my boards at… Need to get a ride video here soon:

For this board, the mod was free and only took mounting something to the front of the board to hold up my thighs- an old trick board’s nose works perfect, is super comfortable, it still works as a standup board, and the nose now doubles as a handle for dragging the board (will do that better if I cut it some more).

Some tips from analog Buttboard / luge in the past: weight distribution is critical. 70-80% over the front truck should be good, stuffing your butt up against where the front truck mounts is a good start, and the little addon cups your thighs so you don’t get your pants sucked up under the tires and can comfortably extend your legs without much effort.

Have any of you tried buttboarding your eboards, made any modifications to facilitate buttboarding, made an e-luge, or any other experience or experiments you have done? Feel free to discuss any Buttboard or e-luge related topics.


VIDEOS!!! Now!

More importantly, when you coming to CO for a visit?

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Want to come back soon man.



but be wary of “sled head”
…or “butthead” in this case


Haha, love it, miss riding with you!

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I dont know if he’s on the forum, but Raff(sp?) from the Seattle area is a master butt-boarder. There’s some videos of him ripping it up and teaching other folks from CarvePDX 2021. @jack.luis might have some vids?

@bboybowzer do you know if Raph has an account here?

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He does not.

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Hit 40+ today, 3rd time out, in my Santa beer LeBrons and it felt rock solid. For now I think I’ll keep with focus on agility and go for top speed after ironing down the feel and stability- hit a bunch of bumps, cracks, and debris today without any instability which was reassuring.

Sitting upright ups visibility and agility, laying back feels like it increases grip but the forward force of acceleration shifts me back if my butt is not locked to the front already and the more shifted rear the (bit more) squirrelly it feels. For that, a quick hard brake before accelerating locks my ass to the front as needed.

Riding fast when wide or straight between the tight turns, and everything in between lends to some dynamic feeling “getting around”. Too much fun - I don’t regret doing it sooner because it’s that much more fun now. A nice plus is people seem more receptive than me just standing on the same board with more smiles, waves and excited expressions… I’ll take those points to sway the no motorized vehicles signs everywhere.


So this was something I was thinking about the other day.

Is there any feasible way to bring pneumatic tires into luge?

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