Who are the best YouTube reviewers at the moment?

Hopefully soon we’re going to have demo units we’ll want to send to reviewers on YouTube. There’s a lot of stuff up there and it’s hard weeding out the noise. We’re looking to send out maybe five boards, so who would be the top five in your opinion? Who do you pay the most attention to regarding reviews of complete boards?







Daniel Kwan

Kami Juins


Appreciate the shoutout.

I know it’s probably against popular opinion here but I do actually somewhat enjoy watching Scott Davies content. It’s not very in depth but he has a lot of board experience.

On the other hand I’m pretty sure that you aren’t going to want to send a board to Kiwi Land

In other news, objectively, I think this board is compelling as a gear drive street board since there aren’t any others at the moment. As a skate reviewer, I think a question a lot of the public will ask first and foremost is “is it 2n1” aka can you put 6 inch pneummies on it, to which I would think it may struggle.

Something I’d definitely look at testing. Feel free to shop around of course but if you want, my business email is rbe.motion.info@gmail.com

I’d love to put it through its paces.

Do we know a launch date yet?


No hard dates yet, there have been some delays. Originally we were planning for halloween but there may still be some boards built by then.


if you ever beed someone to break stuff, i’m your guy


@defiantboardsociety I think y’all talked about in your original thread about doing hubs that could work with kegel pattern right? Similar to the infinity hubs but a tad wider?

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I do too but he’s not made for DIY grade boards imo. His audience is also way too focused on the mass prebuilt “china boards”. He’s fairly competent in talking about the parts but i think he lacks indepth part of it.

I would send it to him rather than jay Boston tho. He can’t even read a list of specs that was given to him.


Yeah I agree, DIY youtubers are much harder to come by, it’s a niche in a niche.

I would think maybe Zac Petterson would be good too since he has some DIY esk8 background (incl boardnamics drives), but I haven’t been watching many of his vids lately so I don’t know how he’s doing


Kami Juins, Lee Wright, Pavel, Mario Contino.


Thanks for the mention. Id be down to get it on the channel.

Love that it comes with adjustable plates, might be a first for a somewhat off-the-shelf from what Ive seen. Ive been watching the IG since it launched and feel like this is going to fit in so nicely for people that want more than what production boards offer without necessarily going to a really large board.


I would consider 46" x 10.75" quite large


True but I guess I’m more thinking in the realm of comparing it to a lacroix/kaly/bio etc.


My vote goes to @mariocontino .

He’s kind of a big deal.


Checkout esk8unity’s review of the Lacroix barrel and be sure to offer him some feedback :joy:

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Yeah watch that review to see why you shouldn’t send him anything


Haha what a clown hey.


Dude just likes what he likes is all. Can’t help it if his likes are cookie cutter boards stamped by cookie cutters stamped by other cookie cutters. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the suggestions guys! If you think of anyone else, please post it!

Yes the plan is to use the Kegel pattern on the AT hubs as well, although they will have their own gearing ratio, which means a separate gear drive but same hangers and motors. It will make changing tires easier than with typical bolt on adapters, and it will allow people to more easily use them with other boards. Also yes, a little tire stretch goes a long way. However that’s a bit down the road, we want to move these urethane beasts first.


They are all ~46


I appreciate the votes of confidence, thank you. :pray:

I’m of course happy to review one of these, and do a video piece and a write up.
I’m most easily reached at: info@mariocontino.com

And my channel is: https://youtube.com/c/MarioContino

Thank you again.