Which motor is better?

Material, quality, temperature, which is better?
What brand do you like to choose?

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If you place a big order then Reacher Tech is the best. Small orders not so much but still very powerful


I recommend to stay away from freerchobby or their resellers like Ant Innovation and Alien Power Systems

The Flipsky 6384 are good

The Reacher motors have a number of issues, I would only get those from a custom batch like the one @glyphiks recently had made. As-is from the factory they have a number of serious issues for esk8 use. The electrical part of them seems really good, it’s mostly physical issues, stiff phase wires, unable to disassemble or service, shafts too big, bearing sticks out, et cetera. But as Dash noted, they are very good if you get those things solved.

My short answer is the Flipsky 6384


what a day and age :rofl:
we would have never recommended flipsky 1 year ago. They really have upped their game and quality on some of their most bought products


Reacher motor What is the serious problem?
My home is very close to Flipsky. In the past, Flipsky gave me several types of motors for testing, but the temperature was too high. I don’t like the temperature too hot.

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Hmm, have you used it? How long has it been used?

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No, but I just recently out together a very large batch of them (over 50) and the people currently riding them with the custom specs we got love them

if u can, find torqueboard’s motor also, they are quite good


How many KV is suitable for moon 11/44T?

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Thats up to your choice and what you want the board to do


I like to use 200mm wheels, there must be a lot of torque to burn the wheels

And what voltage? What max speed do you want to reach? On average battery voltage, or on minimum as well? :laughing:

And if you don’t have a powerful enough ESC and prioritizing torque is of uttermost importance, then there are additional factors that come into play :sweat_smile:


Battery 12S discharge 360A
My speed is up to 55KM
The 75V rotary ESC I used, the motor 6374 170KV speed is enough, the 200mm wheels cannot move with the burned tires, and the uphill 20 degrees can’t get up at all!

On 12s 11:44 200mm wheels and that target speed, 140kv seems to be the best for you

calculator link


I know these!
I made a mistake about 11/44T, it is a moot gearbox spur 11/44.
11 equals 17T 44 equals 59T?

I saw your other thread , it would be better not to start a new topic then you get better answers, just my 2 cents.

I would say your main problem is 1:4 gearing on 8" wheels and not the 6374 motor :man_shrugging:. I personally don’t have @moon drives so I don’t know the highest possible gearing for your batch of drives.

Or change your tires to 6.5" or 7" for more torque.

You need between 80-100 motor amps for 6374 for good torque on MTB. Overheating is often a problem. If you don’t want to take breaks when it’s hot outside you can always ride with lame 50A and stay cool.


I don’t like under 7 inches! too small.
6374 100A will not burn out? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Thank you wise one, how do the Maytech 6880s fair agains this sweet Flipsky 6384s ?? I have a set of 4 and they are loud, but powerful



wath is this fore moto have me e link pleace.

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