trampa Motor problem

Hello everyone!
I am Chinese and I like DIY sports!

My trampa configuration

  1. Board: trampa
  2. Gear box: moon 11/44T
  3. Motor: Flipsky 6374-170kv
  4. Battery: Model airplane lithium battery 12AH 12S 250A, LG polymer 36AH 12S 360A
  5. Wheels: 8 inches

It is very good to play. Except for insufficient torque, VESC Tool automatically adjusts to 65A. I manually change 85A motor, but it is still not happy enough.

I really like high torque. Is there a recommended motor?

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what is the exact model of the battery cell? could be voltage sag

LG P2.7S

If you’re actually serious that it’s the P2 and that’s not a mistake


That would be your problem.

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Oh! So how to solve it?

Buy or build a new battery.
With higher discharge rated cells.

:rofl: :joy:
Hahaha! Is it not enough to continuously discharge my two batteries?
It was too expensive to buy P42A 12S8P 45A*8P 360A at that time!

So you have a 12s8p of the LG P2 right now?

That’s what, 16A of battery current max?


That’s not even enough to run a hobbywing esc.


NONO is not 18650 21700
Is a high-rate soft packet


Even then, the max allowed discharge will be quite low. Watch out u don’t kill the cells

The cells are NMC, used in electric cars. They can deliver 200A no problem. I have p2.7 as well.


:joy: :+1:
The motor is so tangled, I don’t know which one to buy!

Whatever the hell is going on here, that is a fucking beautifully constructed pack @Maliguoguo

The whole build is excellent


Ah okay I looked up the wrong cell then, I was wondering at the weird shape.

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Yeah I was gonna say too, the pack looks really cool.

@Maliguoguo any chance your ESC is overheating quickly?

I guess it’s a spintend so probably not…

What’s your battery current limit set at?

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Gearing is kinda low for 8in wheels imo. Also changing the throttle curve will help😏

NVM missed the 170kv part

This is correct, except I am under the impression that “low” gearing is for Low speed (high wheel teeth to drive pulley teeth ratio). I may be high tho…

EDIT: I’m definitely high

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You could try 90 or 100 motor amps, and see if that gives enough torque without overheating.
If that’s still not enough, then your only options are to either:

  1. Change your gearing. With your current setup, your top speed is close to 60Km/h - gearing for a lower top speed (say 45 Km/h, which would be 9/47 gearing) will give you much more torque.
  2. Change your motors. Lower KV motors (less than 170) will give more torque per motor amp.

If 100+ motor amps doesn’t do it for you, I would definitely recommend changing your gearing.

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change to 120a motor, see if u like it