trampa Motor problem



Ok! I think the motor is too small, and the moon11/44 tooth space is just right. I don’t like the 1/5 too large. I consider 6385 170-200kv how?

Ok! I consider changing the motor 6384 or 6385 170kv, what do you think?

Your suggestion is great! But the moon has a maximum of 44T! Cannot install 47T. Ten to nine T, so 6384 or 6385 170-200 kV, what do you think?

What’s the ramping time set to in the VESC? The default is woefully slow and makes every thing feel under powered

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Haha! I bought 8072 170kv to help my friends last year. The experience is too strong, but I think it’s too dangerous and a waste of electricity. I really want 7050-7060-7080, the best power is 5500w, can you sell it?

Oh yes! I don’t know, where to set it up?

don’t have any 70xx motors, sorry bro

looks like u in HK too? where u at

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Well, it’s a pity, I really hope that someone will do 70** which is great. I’m in Shenzhen

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there are 70xx motors, just mainly for efoil use as they are inrunners and mostly waterproof

country next door, eh, close enough i guess

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Yes, I know it is not suitable for use. you are in HongKong?

u can just use 80xx motor and back up the voltage and current a bit to get similar feel of a 70xx motors, it shouldn’t be that big of a difference as long as u have the desire kv and correct gearing

yes, HK

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Well I’m confident that will creat a large increase in the take off and power your looking for at no cost. More than what increase you see from larger motors

It’s under remote, general, pos ramping time. Lower the number harder it will acelarate

I don’t like 80~~ heat dissipation, sand and mud are in trouble! It’s great that you are Hong Kong. How can I contact you to play together.

OK :+1:

u can pm me if u want, but a heads up tho, i technically can’t cross into china border