Which cell to go for higher range?

Hey guys!
I read a bit about it but new to big batteries and was wondering what is the final verdict regarding which Liion cell to choose if you want a bit more capacity than 3Ah. Up to know always went with 30Q, but I am making a 14s or 16s 6p battery. I would like to draw max 40-50A for each motor so max 100A. With the 30Q I would get 120A and for sure not bad for the battery to leave a bit of room. I was wondering if you know a comperable quality cells with more range and like 15A discharge.
Thanks a lot!

I sudgest you get 32x https://batteryhookup.com/collections/green-friday-weekend-deals/products/4-200a-lithium-polymer-3-7v-8ah-flat-pouch-cells-lipo-batteries with me so we can splitt shipping :wink:


If you go for 18650 cells I suggest those. Evolve use them in their GTR ( 3450mAh - 10A)


If you go 20700: (4250mah-15A)

21700: (5000mah-10A)


How do you connect them spot welding or soldering? I ma getti ngthe kweld but damn the whole set up is gonna be costly AF :crazy_face: This escooter is gonna be money money :grin:

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Im going to use it for my speedboard. 16s and the 75/300 vesc.
Depends on the tabson the cells. If they’re nickle or nickleplated then spot weld. If they’re alu(most lipos are) then I have aluminum flux to solder with :slight_smile: just need a good soldering iron


18650 would be great but the 35E I checked the discharge test nad they ar eactually 8A cells and not relly good. Nedd to check the othes but on paper they look great! Thx. Which one advice between the Sanyo or the 21700?

why they report Liion and in the video they say Lipo?

Missinformation I guess, they’re definatly lipos.

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Yeh thought so. Then I will pass. They are great for sure and I read somewhere that they are at a great price but I prefer Liion for my builds.
Did you seeth efirst video…10 discharging cycles to get to a stable capacity. That’s a lot :grin:

If you havn’t built that many packs and wanna stay safe I’d def stick with 18650.
In my case I really need the current rating of these and penny per watthour on these are so freaking worth. (also I fucking love batteries)
I have 200x35E for other shit tho, they work well. Wouldnt take the 8-10A limit to hard. You can peak 20A/cell for a few seconds without a problem.


only 3 battery packs so far (2 spot welded, 1 NESE). I am confident in building batteries for myself but I feel better to stick to Liion. Not planning to pull more than 100A from them all together anyway.

the price in unbelivable though. 14s3p to have the same range of 14s6p Sanyo and infinite discharge basically ahahahha Understand why you go with them

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Thier charge rating is nice too :slight_smile:

Yeah 35E max is 10A and then you have already some capacity loss. I still use most off the time 30q just because the good capacity VS amps.

Now I have some packs to build with Samsung 40T. I find it sometimes just better to have more A and less capacity just for less voltage sag.

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yeh 80A ahahaha unbelivable. the charger needs a proper fan to keep it cool

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yeh I already have a 13s4p battery 30Q new that I can use for this battery. Will cost me les sto buy the additional 30Q battery. I guess the battery will thank for the extra Amp left.
I am buying the Kweld. Do you advice something else that can work fine and save a bit of cash? Not planning to build more than 2 batteries a year. Unfortunately I can not use the Sunkko spot welders because they cut electricity at my apartment and at work :sweat_smile: (do not ask how I know it)

21700 have alot of Intersting options. Molicel p42a are 30amps at 4000mAh. Samsung 50e is 5000 mAh at 10a.
Many options in that regard


need to check the real test. Some at the end do not perfom well or drop in capacity too soon.

Both of those cells were tested by mooch. Who confirmed they were very close to rated spec

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yeh I am reading his tests

Molicel price is :crazy_face: nop too much. I need too many cells

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