Which bluetooth module should I get?

Hey guys,

I was about to order the metr pro bluetooth module but I saw this on their website:

“At the moment Deutsche Post will not deliver goods to US or Canada because of COVID-19.” --Metr Website

I am disappointed because I was told this was the best one to buy, but it Is what it is. For reference, I am using 2 Maytech SuperESCs. What should I buy now?

Any help is appreciated!

PS; If you have one for sale, please PM me

I’m not sure if its still open but have you considered the US groupbuy? I think there is a second batch being sent out late June to early July.

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I have not seen that. Do you have the thread?

I just got a package from Metr, maybe check with @hexakopter or @rpasichnyk.


Here is the thread:

There is a google forum to complete for what you want.

Currently 108 Metr’s ordered through the groupbuy so far :joy:

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Will do

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Ok i’ll go through that. Is it still on? And which one should I get? Their are al ot of them

Depends on your build, what VESC do you have? Also because you do live in New York, you may want to consider the antenna for better a connection in high interference areas. < (Someone correct me if I’m wrong). You could have the antenna on the inside or outside of your enclosure, whatever suits you.

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I’ll definitely have it in the inside. (I don’t live In the city though, it’ll still be good to have). I am using a maytech vesc (see link above). The problem is that I don’t know if the hard antena will fit in my enclosures. I am using the eBoosted 10s4p loaded vanguard enclosures.

Edit: Their website says this: “The ESC enclosure can hold 2 v4.12 ESCs (Enertion, Torqueboards or Maytech), Y XT60 or X90 spliters, remote receiver and an optional Bluetooth module.”

The small antenna is actually quite small, only around 4-5cm long and 1 cm diameter.

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Ok doesn’t look bad. But the unity one I should buy?

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No you should get the regular one, the Unity one is designed for the Focbox Unity ESC:

Oh ok, thought so. So the small antenna? or the PCB one?

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You are probably fine with the PCB antenna if its tight inside your enclosure.

ok thanks. ill go with that