where to find boxes

not sure where to post this at, but who has a line on boxes i can ship my finished builds in?

fonut this, probably useful somehow:

looks like imgur link messed up, here

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So, it’s duct tape and old box pieces still. No problem.


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Uline is your best friend. Or pay thousands of dollars and have them custom made 🤷


Uline. Best answer… if you’re in the states.

@Mikenopolis made his own out of plywood. Not sure how cheap you’d be able to build it with prices the way they are though. Just an idea.

Not the best idea. Sturdy but heavy. A guy shipped us his board last week in a box he made of plywood. Box alone was an added 40lbs


Agreed. Just an idea lol

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not me! LHB did that a few years back to ship from FL to CA and we hauled it to Vegas for an event. It was heavy!!!

You can order boxes from uline, just type in what you need on their site and see what pops up.



Last time i just went out on trash day, skated around for 5 minutes til i saw an acceptable box in someone recyclables down the street.


everything at uline is overpriced. find the box dimensions you want there and go to ebay.

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Thanks for clarifying bruh.

Just wrap it in bubble wrap and ship it lol


I was going to buy from Uline, but not only are they very expensive, but it seems that their owners are…odd individuals.

Anyway, apart from that, I ended up searching for local shipping suppliers, and found one an hour away from me. It was a long drive, but I saved literal hundreds of dollars, and bought enough to last quite a while.


Not true if you get the catalogue first. Alot of “deals” where a size bigger is cheaper for the same quantity

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What size?

Yeah, I actually work in a group purchasing company so I see cheaper prices in the database

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depends on products. at home i only buy stuff for my wife’s diamond painting (mainly baggies) and 2’‘x2’’ are cheaper than 2x1.5. but i see the red bars signifying a deal on many of the pages in the catalogue.

p.s.: said catalogue is free to receive