Where do ya all buy your battery building supplies from?

Looking for the circle protector things that go around the cell positive poles, fish paper, tape, clear large heatshrink that the entire battery assemble will fit in, ect. Where do you guys get this stuff from?

AliExpress for most things, Amazon if I forget something and need it by tomorrow.

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Mostly Amazon.

aliexpress for fishpaper
amazon for everything else
nickel is kinda wonky rn. hard to find good suppliers


looks like 18650 store sells everything all in one location. all i need now is the giant heat shrink for the whole battery. is there as special name for it, or just giant AF heat shrink?


I like 150-200mm for flat packs, idk what people get for bricks.

Amazon has 3-400mm clear shrink. Ill post a link for foot pics. Free advice starts at 50 bucks…

Any idea what size to get for 12S8P 21700?

This might help - it really depends on how you’re building the battery


depends, how wide will the pack be? how tall? if it’s a brick how long and how much coverage do you want/need?

320mm probably. Maybe. Hopefully.

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reminds me a lot of my first time buying battery supplies.

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can you give me a link from where u buy batteries and other?

For Lithuania you may wanna check out nkon


or https://18650.club/

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Majority of guys i know who build batteries look for deals on amazon or ebay.

Does anyone have a link for the clear shrink wrap for the batteries? Im not talking about the thin PVC one, the thiccer one

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