When did you start Esk8?!?

This should be fun!!!

How long ago did you get into esk8?


I am coming up on 8 years after seeing my first one in real life back in 2016 and getting one a few months later!!!


I bought a single hub 7s2p Alibaba board off a local guy in early 2018, and an original Meepo a week later. Now I’m in a hobby with a bunch of desperate weirdos.

My “DIY” Skullboard Raine Hustler from late 2018:


I can’t remember exactly when I first rode an “esk8” but it was this.

A “Blitzart hurricane”

But what really got me into it was the EGTSCS (Eovan GTS Carbon Super) I ordered in March of 2022 and received it in April

and while that board certainly had it’s flaws… It’s many flaws, it was pretty fast for a first board and got me into all of this, and I’m going to continue to ship of Theseus this MF for as long as I’m physically and financially capable.


But when was it dangit.

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This is universes apart from my first board. The Acton blink single motor belt drive.
It was more like Bill’s board.

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Like the very first Meepo? Cool.

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The very first board I saw a rode was totally legit.

Metroboard Stealth Edition my neighbor got!!!

It is still running!

It had this really wacky infrared cruise control remote…


Saw boosted when they were new, $1500-2500 just starting hs, couldnt afford that shit, then last year, idk why exactly, maybe kami or dkwan video, and i decided to start searching for a prebuilt, settled on backfire, mangled my deck within a week, bought a shitty used deck to bolt everything onto, then decided i wanted to make that deck into an esk8 after my backfire replacement deck came in. Now my backfire needs battery, my diy needs motors, and im waiting on shit to pan out to get my mtb battery :sweat_smile::sob::sweat_smile: 3 boards and i cant ride any atm. Im starting to understand why people have like 8 boards


DIY is a disease… Lol


Oh yeah. Duh. Edited above.

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You are right where you belong, brother.

I want the @glyphiks origin story.


Started 2019 I rode a meepo v3 for about 4k miles going back and forth to work while I was in high school. I ended up hacking an extra battery on it to get wayyyyy more range I remember doing almost 40 miles (rough on the legs). Bought another meepo after moving out of my parents place and used that before I got a car, racked up close to the same number of miles I think it’s at 3.5k or just past. December of last year got in a bad car wreck which left me without a car, I got a new car on “donation” from a friend, which ended up getting totaled 2 weeks after, in another accident which wasn’t my fault (she hit me), I rode my meepo for a little bit but I ended up finally saying i’m done with this pre built shit and I bought a diy off some dude from facebook (always the best idea all the time). Board was pretty bad until I got my grubby hands on it and made it mildly better, then I changed everything I hated and it is great now.

Just spend many dabloons on some parts for a new mtb build, something i’ve wanted since my first board, especially without driving now I have no excuse to build something I can put my stamp of approval on.

So what’s that 5 years not too long


April 13 2017

An Acton Blink S

10s1p (maybe 10s2p?) single hub motor

Used it to get back to my dorm after the busses stopped running.


Moved to Seattle WA from Daytona Beach FL in 2016 and needed something to fill the hole of not surfing every day… Enter the Boosted Dual+ w/standard range battery and XR on pre-order…

Best investment ever. Boosted treated me so well. That board had everything at least once except the motor caps! The as an ambassador I had an ambassador stealth, plus a demo quiver of a stealth, v3, 2 minis, and a scooter. I kept it all!!

The diy came and took all my money :moneybag:

End of story


September 2018 on a Meepo AWD GT then about 6 months later a Verreal Mini. A mate I used to skate with had a Boosted then got an Evolve and I was hooked immediately.

First DIY other than a deck swap was this one in August 2020 haha…


June 2018

My first esk8 was DIY with a total budget of $300. I used a cheap 6s lipo and an RC speed controller with no brakes.

It was fun as hell.


those marc mounts?


Yep, they totally were. Good eye.