Wheelz G'lore plus more

All wheels in one Set of photos. They are all in mostly pretty good shape md fairly priced and also everything is or best offer!

so shoot me any reasonable offers if my pricing seems off. Buyer pays ship and pp fees, thanks 4 lookin.

110s and 107s are sold.
8 inch airless w pulleys 99
6in airless 50 bux, can be made into a set of complete red or black qhichever ya prefer.
evolve 83mm maybe 50-100 miles, forty beans, preferably kidney or lima.
the orange cags are a full set unused unblemished i think i’d like 35 bucks for, i have two purple ones that are lightly used that i could swap in if youre into that kinda thing.
unbranded 96 and or 90mm wheels thirty bucks, i think one pair os from a teamgee then aother may be idk but torqueboards 97mm abec clones with two dermeled to fit real abec -40$.
rando red 83’s twenty if i have all four otherwise theyre just goin into the package deal withe the lectric longboard wheels and the 5055 mounted on the truck seen below qith the 3m pulley.
45 for that, 4 83mm wheels and a 5045 motor mounted to a cal clone w 3m pulleys 44 dollars prob getting the extra red ones too for like 5 bucks.

So here we have the full lacroix brains. The fbocs meed to be flashed via stlink but before my shitty firmware update tjey worked just fine. Standard 10s bms and antispark unit work just dndy. Sayyyy hundred bucks takes it

100 for the proto brain, but you pay the feez for pay20221119_163745|243x500

Tiny lil 3m pulleyed motor on the crash trucks to go withthose 83mm lectric longboard wheels say 45 for the whole package. Fifty qith extra wheels plus shipping etc.

Radley 6368 motors fifty bux for the pair. Then i got a pair of evolve motors w 15t pulleys for idk 60? And flipsky 5055 140kv are sold

Bergz glore, full set of 4, the seven spare tires eleven tubes, fuggin 200 plus ill split shipping! Orrrrrr idk what berk tires n tubes go for but ill do 15 for a tube n tire? Mostly still hairy new, ten for a used tire and tube, have a few of those grommets first come n serve.

I believe these to be janux motor moints. 69 for a set, 5 bucks for an extra set of clamps or idlers. I believe I have enough of the different pieces to sell two complete sets of motor mounts, I’m keeping one for myself. the clamps are for MBS M2’s and idk what the other shape is maybe paris? idk, i’m tryna file down a set to fit a pair of those Origiinal spring loaded trucks i think would be cool to lectrify guess i should see about that axle legnth though, anyway, i digress…

here are two turnigy 149kv mounted on the fresh janux mounts. the phase leads are extremely short and you will need extensions.
antisparks sold.

10 12 adn 13 s bms’s, all 15 a piece, to be wired for charge only as idk the discharge values but believe them to be low.

two unknown 4.12 vesc based are solddd

dabega and associated wires. Ssssooollldddd

evolve 50mm motor mounts 25 fucks plus tqaxes

tomboii ratchety toe clippers got em at the presale, def dont need two as i havent even used one set yet i think i paid 70 or 80 plus tqax so thats your price, apparently theyre the beezkneez

zesc 6 solddd

random matrix2 mounts i got from someone on etsy. just need to drill a holde for a grub screw. also thought about shimming them in some kinda secure fashion to fit caliber style like 270’s might work 45 bucks with your choice of cross brace

that’s a 12s bms with an AS out of an ol’ kaly board, unsure if i even wanna sell it or keep it cuz it’s got the neat lil battery meter thingy but if you throw me forty bucks before i decide, then i won’r have to make any decisions at all besides which bill to put i towards lol

i forget whose mounts these are but surfrodz rkp with the adj hangar n mounts, the tears have been shed to see these go, they solddd

Thanks to those whom bothers to read my horribly formatted and gramatically repugnant mess. mobile’s a bitch with tryna upload pics and format the post, sorry not sorry

More stuff still! TB mounts thirty bucks

Imax b6 charger (with all the wires it cme with) 15 plus s n h


Methinks that there is a lil focer with heatsink. Methinks me paid 165 plus ship so methink that th new price is 150 here. also here is a makerx dv4 with a tiny lil heat sink

This ill leggo for 110 plus, been flawless running those elofty dual drive on 12s setup breeze to setup honestly one of my fav escs to work with, never so much as threw a code


Backfire mini 12s2p 40t batt vewey low xycles fuckin 75 bux

Mini Remote n reciever 10 plus

Flipsky vx1 27 plus

Miles rampage esc an remote 40bux gonna have to resolder connectors but this board had some kick even with the 8’’ wheels.

bumping along with some more stuff i need to sell, today, we have a bunch of decks if i can get them to load properly. evolve bamboo gt and enclosure with hetasink ill call at 150 plus shipping let’s see what else we’ve got here…


@Fosterqc surf adapter for cheap alert


If I can’t buy it because you tagged him I will be kind of mad. But I won’t really do anything about it :rofl:


Dudes either a mad scientist or an evil bond villain. I need to see how this turns out.

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Well rounded post, hopefully they’re not all flat.


you got first dibs forsure, I am buried in projects as much as I want to try the surf adapter.

Edit apparently that’s not allowwed. So im adding all this other shit. Random hangars n slnt trucks n shit, barindead prototipo brains. The bms worked fine i jist did a bad firmware updoot n bricked em, flash wit stlink or other besc and they’ll perk right up i just cant be bothered rn.

200 shipped for the braindead pproto shit, idk 40? 35? for the slants w the wheels and ill slap some bushings into the naked one.


Derp, forgot id already listed that duhh lol
Gonna add some more shit now too

Adding bunch of chargers. 20 a piece except the 13s one. That may not be for sale i gotta chek my bike, i could’ve sworn it was 12s.


Bump, happy turkey day yall. Added bergz bezerkers





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la bumpski patata’s

added a buncha stuff om top of the chargers.

and lowered some prices.

package deals will be considered very deeply

Cant help it i need another bump, dickyho 36t kegal 10 pluz tqaxesetc

Adding moarrr bumppp
Elofty direct drive 58kv w kegal adapter

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I can confirm that @nsteph will send and ship you whatever you buy from this thread. In case anyone wants that extra confirmation here is proof I received it:

It came assembled but I didn’t think to get a photo until after I started cleaning the bearings. They’re cheap af at less than $4 new so a reasonable part to need to clean or replace when buying used

Also this can serve as a bump for the new DD since I don’t see them being sold often on here


I’m happy with my purchase as well.


Bonk! Lots added and prices reduced dont forget the 20$ chargers ppl!

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how much for the dv4 with heatsink? not seeing a price

Think i said 100 plus ship etc, pm me ur address and ill get the estimate

Heya, I sent you a text about potentially buying my old evo back. Lmk if you have a different #/prefer forum dm.