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Wheel Diameter Discussion

Let’s talk about wheel diameter and contact patch, and how that affects the ride. I have only ridden 83mm wheels and in my area that results in an absolutely punishing time for my knees. However, the acceleration on these little wheels just gives me the fizz. So for those of you that run larger diameter wheels, what are your experiences? And for those running pneumatics, can I hear some 6in vs 8in vs 10in comparisons?


6.5“ high psi, hard, smoother ride than urethane on bad roads, probably best range under the pneumatics category
8“ medium psi, comfortable to ride medium range
9“ low psi, nice clearance, getting heavy and range goes a bit down as well
10“ low psi, heaaavy, noiiice clearance, rest need to be explored next week.

For sure all the riding comfort and range as well depends on which tire compound and profile you ride and how much you inflate them.


No 7"innovas?

Only 6.5“ urban threads in my collection yet. No evolve wheels, no pt or Ali 6x2 I tried so far.

I’ve mostly run 76mm, 90mm (various quality), 145mm, and 200mm…smaller wheels are good on roads but ass on brick and sidewalks, urethane to pneumatic is a massive jump in comfort, bigger pneumatics are noticably better like cobblestone is totally fine


What cobblestone?

Those really rounded top octagon stones, each is like 4"


“What cobblestone” was me saying you don’t feel shit lol.


Lol that went way over me :joy:

But like seriously, I used to fear them on my shitty analog because my feet would go numb after 40 feet, now it’s just meh… Hardly any different than asphalt

Same for those damn nubs at sidewalk corners for blind people…hated those until pneumatics


These are mini heart attacks of the street game. Little fuckers are so unpredictable lol.


I had an electric penny board with 76mm wheels, never made it over those…always got yeeted off or bailed out

With 85mm blue caguamas I clear those tactile pavers no problem, but on 107 superflys, the tail just kicks sideways from under me half the time =\


On the new unreleased @torqueboards wheels you almost don’t even feel those :wink:

Also the strategy for those on any polyurethane wheel is just to not lean or shift your weight while on them. Go straight and you’re fiiiiine


You need 40T, 42T, or 44T wheel pulleys to account for that. No 36T or 32T pulleys

If you put a 44T pulley on a 110mm wheel it’ll feel like a 36T on 90mm wheel


It’s in a straight section of the road when I pull off the bike lane so I must cross at around 45 degrees or I crash into the curb… Once was enough :sweat_smile:

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what about a 72T on a 200mm wheel :slight_smile:


Running that now, 165kv 15:70 200mm… With my skinny ass and 60 motor amps she pops wheelies on flat ground and I’ve still always got room in the throttle

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Some civil engineer genius decided to put marble art at the bottom of a bridge downtown that has a pretty steep incline. They are like actual ice when wet. I have to go very slow or very straight over them. The cracks between the glass surfaces do not help with grip.

I don’t like skating in the bike lane.


For people using pneumatics what wheel hub do you use?

Do you just buy a specific hub (bergmeister/6shooter)and buy different tyres to fit or you also go cheaper options on AliExpress

How’s well would these kind of wheels work out

And dickyho ones on eBay


time for some ninja glass-fritt :dark_sunglasses: