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What's wrong with this motor?

Such motors are not fixable with ease. probably some windings are broken or a phase wire solder joint is bad. Basically they need to send out a new motor.

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I 100% totally agree, I’m trying to speak with them, problem is - they are in the coronavirus outbreak nowadays in China :frowning: … response times and all service is now broken and slow due to that.
But of course, I agree, new motor should be the solution ultimately.

Such a motor can easily blow up your ESC if windings are broken.


A friend helped me and tested the motor with an oscilloscope, adding photos of the 3 phases tested with it. The motor was spinning with a driller.

Phase B is the only one that looks clean, WDYT ?

Phase A:

Phase B:

Phase C:


You’ve got substantially different results for inductance and resistance in the test results u posted above. Different between the green and white. Don’t know which is which but very different. Shows badly there.
Surprised the oscilloscope showed such a clean sine-like wave for the phases as mostly they’re more trapezoidal for these type motors. I don’t know much bout that but ur R and L results say enough to know the motor is not right.

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Maybe u could forget flipsky and rewind it. It’s not hard and sure will be better motor. Since u have one thats good already to compare against be a great test. We go for lowest resistance with lowest kv. Where u live dying to get a hand wound lrk version to compare. And going past that then strip of magnets and reinsert hallbach. If u send me the two motors. I’ll rewind for the closest kv and bet ends a better motor. And I’ll vacuum in epoxy to fix the wires. If u get the sensors off and send them. Just a thought. Better yet u do it

John, where is your preferred source for magnet wire?

Doesn’t matter. They’re all rated to a uniform standard. Can get 200c rated stuff on amazon. Get heavy build maybe to be safe.

But my preferred:
Getting 240c rare stuff. Think it’s Essex brand

I have pounds of stuff I likely won’t use anymore w the new motors. Can do 16awg now instead of 17 for same amount of turns so the 17 awg no use now. Have like 5 lbs.


You’re saying flipsky are better ? they have high KVs only on 5065’s. I’m far away, so it’ll be a problem to get them to you … :confused:

im saying maybe instead of the time and money shipping back to flipsky rewind it yourself and be a better motor, and you can test it against the other to see exactly how much better. if you look up the lrk winding you have enough room. you just strip the old wire after heating it and don’t damage the stator, rewind, glue it and ready to go.
maybe if you prove to flipsky its broken and new they’ll give you some compensation and use it for the new wire and glue for the rewind. or maybe flipsky will just give you a new motor and not worth the time.


Oh …
These are Maytech’s, but yeah, I get your point. I may do it, however, I am trying to get their response towards a replacement motor … let’s see how it goes … But yeah for the sake of testing it’s possible to rewire, even though it looks somewhat a very sisyphic task :slight_smile:

The only thing they can do for free is say “sorry” I had a 6.6 from them it broke and I proved it many times it wasn’t my fault and they only gave me a discount for a 2nd one. The 2nd one had a bad slave and/or was software glitched. Now I’m sending it back and I have to pay shipping both ways to hopefully get it fixed…


This is sad :(, I’m positive however that in this case it’s the motor, and it’s maytech’s not flipsky.

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Then you should be good. I had maytech motors but I they had a can vibration or something and they were very loud at certain RPM so I sent them back. Not to maytech directly but to the guy that was selling them.

And u got a replacement ?

From the reseller, haggy, yes.

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If Maytech not responding, go with @hummieee… I had a bad experience with their motors…I do not trust the brand since then…Fixed them the way I could…So far, Trampa, Sk8 Turnigy, and waiting for my new TB 6380 (I trust the brand, they always solved any issues), never let me down…

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I agree, problem is, there are very limited options. Trampa offers only 63XX relatively large motors, Sk8 Turnigy holes pattern are not good for 50xx mounts of TB (which I have), and TB are selling also 63XX motors only. There are few more options Racestar,APS,FS , but the problem is they have limited offering of KV options, from reading here, Racestar 50xx appears to be fair. I am curious, did u have similar issues to mine with Maytech or different issues ?

Brand new, 5 kms after a pitching noise started at one of the motors at high rpm…Soon after that, magnets exploded in so many pieces…I am from Buenos Aires, the guy who sold them could not do nothing, just give me back half the money a paid for one of the motors…So I epoxi all the little pieces of magnets, the ring, and everything…Sensors failed a few weeks after…Too expensive for a pain in the ass…I battleharden the motors since then, no more issues… So, if I have to choose…probably would send it to @hummieee … It will the best and faster solution…I have never tried racestars, and I always use 63xx and up motors …

I have a board with TB trucks, mounts and 110s wheels…SK8 6375 fit with any issue…will post a pic of that board if you want…

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I do not recommend APS. I waited 2 months for their motors and I exchanged countless emails with them and I always got a different story back. Luckily I got my money back.