What's the best Vesc for my first board?

I want to build my first board and need some help when it comes to picking parts.
So far for the important parts I’m thinking
Battery: 10s2p from Mboards
Motor: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-149KV Brushless Outrunner Motor from HobbyKing once they’re in stock from the EU warehouse

But I can’t decide on a Vesc, I feel like there is so much controversy when it comes to the Vesc’s, so I’m really not sure which is the best. The most important thing for me when it comes to the Vesc is the reliability, my biggest fear is it cutting off when I’m riding downhill and won’t be able to break. A part of me is thinking that I should buy the Trampa one since it’s the original, but the price is so fucking high (hehe). So what do you guys think? What’s the best option?

Due to restrictions and the topography (somewhat steep hills) where I live, my board will only neeed a max speed of 12 mph and good torque/ hill climbing abilities (hence the low kV on the motors). I’m going to run a dual belt drive btw, so I would need a dual Vesc or to single ones.

Would caliber ii clones from Aliexpress be okey trucks or am I just asking for trouble with those?
Feel free to tell me if you think I’m making the wrong choice with any of the parts


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also would recommend TB6, MakerX DV6, Stormcore 60D for a dual drive


Do a lot of research before you pay for this. Research that isn’t watching youtube videos.


Oh sweet baby jesus he hasn’t bought it yet. DONT BUY THIS LMAO


I’m confused whether you want one motor or two motors.

A single big (6380+) motor with a TB6 ESC would eat hills if it was geared 15/44 on 110mm wheels and on 100mm wheels, even more so. The ESC is on sale right now for an incredible $110 also


no, just no please


Also the Parts Market here and over there are your friends.


Thanks for the feedback so far guys! But I’m curious as what exactly is the problem with Mboards batteries? I’ve tried to research it but can’t really figure out the issue, please enlighten me

If you want reliability, don’t use sensors! That’s the single biggest thing.

The other thing is to seal your stator with MG Chemicals # 4228, especially including the wire between the windings and the phase wires (where it wraps around the base of the stator) you don’t want those vibrating and rubbing. You don’t want any wire in there to be able to vibrate physically.

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I always just thought that I needed two motors if i wanted smooth and good climb, but if I only need a single drive then I’m thrilled!

What kind of hills are you talking about?

I am a big fat guy (100kg, 220 lbs) and there are hills all around here and a well-built single drive is more than sufficient.

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About 10-20 % hill climb

I’m around 70 kg, but would like the board to be able to comfortably carry 90-100 kg in case someone else is going to borrow it or I should carry stuff with me.
I would prefer the board going quite fast up the hills (if 12 mph could be reached, that would be nice).

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I can easily reach 20mph (32km/h) up steep hills with a single TB6380 motor on 15/42 pulleys on 110mm wheels at 10S and 190Kv

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Why is that? Just curious.

I’ve always used sensors for my builds and currently am not to test it out and hate not being able to just take off smoothly. What are the biggest advantages to not sensoring?

Less parts to fail.

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better higher speed and more efficiencies (at high speed) with sensorless motors, of course this also depends of the ESC you’re using. the downside is not getting smooth acceleration from zero, there will be some studdering as you can experience cogging.

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I wouldn’t know, don’t get this feature in my Go-FOC DV6. Has this been field tested that you get smooth start up and or more torque at lower speed?

u on the latest fw5+? then u should have it

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yes (fw 5.1), I am but is it safe to use? I thought HFI was designed more for trampa VESC? I asked about HFI on the makerx thread and never got a reply from @YUTW123 it was supported.

since I blew my flopsky after 3 rides, I am no longer adventurous trying things.

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