whats the best strongest cheapest m mounts?

ive got some motor mounts by not sure if they are very strong sure they will work fine but really looking for better stronger mounts for my second board.

Picture of mounts, clamps, trucks

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You’re missing some info here

Motor size
Truck style
Forward or reverse mount


no pic dont want to put the vendor down,
sorry have tb 218mm 63 motors reverse mount

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The idler version will allow you to run looser belt reducing friction and saving your wheel and motor bearings a bit of extra wear.

they look good

We can’t help you if you don’t tell us what mount you use. No need to say anything about the vendor, just state the mount

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you don’t need to know, like i said not putting the vendor down, just looking for the best m mounts
by the looks of it found them thanks

Oh sorry I misunderstood. For cheap mounts you wanna go with either Dickyho or Boardnamics, just depends on what you’re willing to spend. Also keep in kind that the TB218 mounts are plenty strong, people have ridden thousands of kms on them, I wouldn’t worry unless you weight 120kg+

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Pretty sure hes got tb218 trucks, but the mounts are the issue.

If I had to guess, since it’s a vendor here (which eliminates those turd-tier hobbywing mounts), that it’s dickyho mounts.

Dicky has come out with thicker mounts to prevent bending and fatigue, but I can’t confirm or deny if it actually benefitted the product. (Maybe check before continuing, you say that they look fine for now… So there’s no need to upgrade before you can build your budget up)

@jonisingt35r I think boardnamics are good if you’re on a budget, but the torqueboards mounts ( only after being welded, JBwelded, or other solution) are a good contender.

Do you want to buy mounts a third time if the next set you buy takes a dive? :man_shrugging:t2:

I received one of the first units of the stronger mount in the longer size. Had previous version mounts too, and it is noticeably stronger. The OG mounts used to be easily scratched up and could be warped by hand. This is no longer the case

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Wtf :laughing:

Glad he corrected that… Maybe it was a bad batch of alu :man_shrugging:t2:

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Nah was just not high grade product. Aluminum is inherently soft as a material, so choosing lower strength materials is not ideal. When I say warp by hand, I was bending with all my strength while they were mounted to the truck. I wouldn’t worry during most normal use cases




We don’t need to know


These, but I recommend the non-idler version

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Try whooshboard mount for caliber


I agree about Dickyho mounts the flex made the belt skip on my AT board the fix was 3 threaded rod as cross bracing. I imagine over time they might snap/bend.


thanks dickios look good, and so do caliber 11