What's in your go bag? (ride toolkit - tools to tighten, fix, pump, repair, etc)

After getting a flat mid group ride, I decided borrowing tools from my garage wasn’t convenient, quick, or smart. I need a dedicated, ready-to-go ride toolkit with the essentials to fix at least the major problems.

To that end, what’s in your go bag? What do you take with you every ride? What have you learned is absolutely crucial to have and what is just dead weight?

I’ll start:

- Compact tool bag

Reinforced bag, set of 3 - $8 - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002YVBC0/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

The middle size (7"x 6") has just enough space for a small amount of tools.

- Foldable hex key set

Husky metric hex set, $7.97 - https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-Folding-Hex-Set-Metric-8-Piece-HFHKM8PC-06/317213858

- Small adjustable wrench

Stanley 6" crescent wrench - $4.97 - https://www.homedepot.com/p/Stanley-6-in-Adjustable-Wrench-87-367L/311368868

- Spare tubes (qty 1-2)

200x50 tubs w/ 90 deg tube - $1.06 ea - 200*50 motorcycle 8 inch tire electric scooter 200x50 Inner Tube for Razor Scooter E100 E150 E200 eSpark Crazy Cart scooters|Tyres| - AliExpress

- Mini pump

Morph G Mini Pump - $37 - Amazon.com

- High quality electrical tape (1 roll)

3M Super 88 vinyl black - $5.47 - https://www.homedepot.com/p/Scotch-Super-33-3-4-in-x-66-ft-x-0-007-in-Vinyl-Electrical-Tape-Black-6132-BA-10/304653556

- Small cable ties (qty ~4)

Black cable ties, 4 inch, 100 pack - $5.49 - Amazon.com

- Flashlight

Sofirn SP35 USB C 21700 rechargeable - $38 - https://smile.amazon.com/Rechargeable-Flashlight-Battery-Inserted-Outdoor/dp/B08Y2BC53Q
Super high quality flashlight. Not necessary, but I went deep into the flashlight nerd forums researching lights. (Cheaper directly from Sofirn)

- Hydration Pack

Lightweight, small bag with water bladder, like this one - Water Backpack 2L - $30 - https://www.amazon.com/Water-Buffalo-Hydration-Backpack-Lightweight/dp/B0777J7SQY/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=hydration+backpack&qid=1648136466&sprefix=hydration+%2Caps%2C118&sr=8-3


I keep a 3mm? Allen key in my shoe to tighten my MTB motor mount set screws if they get loose. Used to be a common problem but hasn’t happened much lately. Still bring it just in case.

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Mine is similar, but streamlined a bit for the rides I do:

  • Full spare tire - Much faster to unscrew the wheel nut and switch the tire mid group ride than it is to replace a tube and pump it back up, making it easier to catch up in group rides. Even if it’s a drive wheel I can just run 1WD until a stop point

  • Multitool - I use a Gerber Suspension, but other options like Leatherman are fine too. Preferably contains the flip out tools on the outside handle rather than inside, so it’s accessible without opening the pliers

  • Folding Allen Key Set - Contains nearly all the ones I need, however may not be long enough to reach some bolts (learned that when someone tried to fix an EUC with it)

  • First Aid Kit - Simple first aid kit, bandaids, triple antibiotic, some cleaning supplies and Tegaderm

  • Garbage Bag - In case of rain or holding stuff

  • Paper towel - For cleaning stuff if necessary

  • Zip Ties - Held my enclosure on once. Can hold other things on too

  • Headlamp - More useful IMO compared to a standalone flashlight, hands free and includes a red LED if needed as a rear lamp


Mini pump, puncture repair kit, 2xspare belts, zip ties, screw driver, small spanner. Need to add some basic first aid. This is a small bag bolted onto the top of my top mounted enclosure

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First step:

Use only metric hex hardware. Then you only need a multi-hex tool + a wrench


I try to build my esk8 so that it doesn’t need repairs mid ride :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But when it breaks down I take a cab :joy:


don’t be tempting fate like that!

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This is the real pro tip. When I ate pavement the other day, one of the guys gave me a couple of these. Worked a treat and is healing fast.


Extra Puck
Sofrin sp33 + extra 26650
Extra light for folks without
Coozie necklace
Auto-screwdriver and assorted bits
First aid kit if enough room
Coffee clipped to exterior
Unshelled sunflower seeds


When I’m riding my street board (hubs) :

  • Nothing but my phone.

When im riding my MTB i have these 2.

  1. Allen key set (usually just 2 of them)
  2. Rancid old bag

The rancid bag contains:

  • 2 belts
  • 2 bearings
  • 1 shockblock
  • 1 tube repair set
  • 1 3D printed wrench for the truck.

Out of experience i could only take the 2 belts, 3d printed wrench and the allen keys and leave the rest.
Have never needed any of the other things.

i just realized that i carry a tube repair kit but no pump.


Vape juice, vape, wallet, cell phone.

I used to ride with tools but I don’t take long trips much these days, maybe this summer that will change. I fried a focbox the other night riding into a knee deep puddle on accident and just walked home, it wasn’t too far.


This pump is pretty compact for bags.

Sometimes it’s hard to get on the valve because it’s straight and not 90 degrees though, beware.

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Typically I have in my backpack:

  • an air pump
  • a flashlight

and in my little emergency bag, inside the backpack:

  • 3 different sized used belts
  • a 608 bearing
  • a skate tool
  • hemostats
  • a 14500 LiFePO4 cell
  • a tiny philips eyeglass screwdriver
  • a tiny adjustable wrench

and, in my pocket, the other two emergency items:

  • pocket knife
  • cellular phone

While not there yet, my battery/enclosure will be underneath, but perhaps a small boxed enclosure on top like the MTB battery enclosures to hold travel tools / spares. :thinking:. Hadn’t considered that yet but it’s making sense to include. And room for a beer :+1:


But where do you put the beer?


Right? Its not a big pack either. That new bioboards pack is tempting, but looks a bit large.

Add a tow rope if you ride with others. Helps a ton when battery dies/belts rip or something happens where the board can still be kick pushed, but you wanna get back at a decent speed.

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LOL i also carry full size front and rear wheel assemblies because i would hate to spend any amount of time trying to fix a flat on the side of the road. :+1:

For daily ride to class, just my cell phone.

Riding around town I’ll throw a skate tool on me. Usually my flatland3d tool so I can house a few extra allen keys in the zipup box

Trails I usually ride with pneumatics so I take this portable electric pump, which doubles as a phone charger. I should note my pneumies have been double slimed, so at most I expect a slow valve stem leak. At worst I have my cell


Out of curiosity why a spare shockblock? Generally I found that if it has fallen out of the truck, the retaining screw would have been long gone, and even a new shockblock stuck in would just fall back out sooner or later without the retaining screw.

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