What is your opinion on Meepo?

Hey there guys! I was just wondering your guy’s opinion on Meepo board, my friend is interested in getting one as hes on a pretty tight budget and i wanna see what you guys think before i recommend it. Cheers!

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I only have experience of the wowgo v1 (back then they were exactly the same) and it was a decent budget board. It was good enough to get me hooked on esk8.

Battery sucked and the deck sucked. They changed the deck to a usable one and you can get better batt packs so it’s probably a good entry board.


If your expectations are reasonable, it’s a good entry-level option. If he’s trying to keep the budget on the low side, wait for the Meepo Classic 2 or go with the V3 if he wants a board now. The NLS series seems good, but not worth the premium IMHO.



ok awesome to hear i think he was looking at the v3

I got the Meepo v1 back in October of 2017! It was my first eskate and technically the first longboard that was actually mine. The batteries were shit, the deck was shit, the control interface was shit but for around $370 it was such a great purchase. Literally changed my life!

I’ve had a pretty good experience with customer support but once I started to do DIY modifications and upgrades to it I pretty much fixed things myself. Nowadays, they seem so busy and overwhelmed sometimes that your voice won’t be heard.

Now my board literally has no original v1 parts, ditched the ESC for a Unity, and built my own battery. The only meepo component is the new 100mm hub motors. But to me this board will always be my Meepo board because the board sitting behind me right now started as the OG Meepo. That is until I slap some TB DD’s on it and it ascends to complete DIY status :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Meepo v3 if you want the cheapest, punchiest, quickest board.
NLS PRO if you want the smoothest, comfy, hub motor boosted clone.
Classic if you want a smooth, stable board.
I would not recommend the regular NLS (basically a Meepo v2 on a boosted deck).

The ER battery is much better than the SANYO. The hobbywing is much better than the generic ESC. The v3 is an excellent entry board imho, I wish it was around when I was buying!

Edit: and yes my name is in spirit of Meepo since they got me into this crazy world of DIY PEV :grin:


haha i figured, thought u mighta been them until u started to say you changed most of it out, the general impression is im getting is for a begginer board its amazing. It will get you from a to b and maybe c, dont push it do d. I think ima just tell him to pick it up. hopefully he will like it enough to someday build a diy. thanks for your imput!

No problem! I will say when ordering/dealing with Meepo patience is an understated virtue. Just order with Paypal and don’t believe the “Ships in 2-3 days” line they have on their site.

Then one day you’ll eventually get an email stating that the tracking finally updated and it’s being delivered within 3 days :grinning:

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haha sounds good man

Yup. Nice breakdown.

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I think this is an accurate representation. Most of the reviews I have seen mark them as pretty good, obviously just keep in mind not all hub motors feel the greatest on bumpy roads

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I would venture to say that none of them do.


Lol yeah I just wanted to give the benefit of the doubt for that one person that thinks they feel the same :rofl:

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I happen to have a soft spot for meepo as it was my first board and the one that got me into eskate. In summer 2017 I was looking into building an electric skateboard with a budget of $250-$300😂(little did I know) (trend then was 6s lipo, balance charger,single motor, 9mm belts that slipped…) in late August 2017 meepo came about and in early September I ordered one for $250(plus close to $100 shipping)! At that point meepo was a tiny company to the point that the owners (Kieran) personal cell # was listed on the web site (i actually called him and spoke to him!) I still thought it may be a scam but as YouTube videos from early buyers came in I gained a bit of confidence in my purchase. about a month later I recived my board! Yes it had a terrible breaking and acceleration curve and terrible voltage sag but for the money I paid (and what you still pay for there cheaper boards which are now much improved) you can’t complain-it gets you from point A to B and pretty well… Close to 2 years later that board still works after being abused to the max! At one point I switched the esc and motors to a diy eboard belt kit (terrible decision) but shortly switched back to hubs. The only thing not original on the board to date is the hubs as after around 1.5 years (at that point I awlready had another diy board but it was unreliable so the meepo was used while the other was in for repair) the pu chipped so much it was unrideable so I switched to teamgee hubs as I got them for dirt cheap. All in all for someone who is on a tight budget or doesent want to go diy but get a cheap but decent board I would defiantly recommended a meepo,wowgo (there v3 is quite nice nice for a Chinese board),ownboard etc.


I have a soft spot for Meepo as well, partly because of the board I bought and partly because Keiran is by far the best businessman in the Chinese board space.

I still have my Meepo 1.0 black PU version. Deck swapped and tossed a HW ESC on it and it still runs great despite the crumbly wheels. It still makes for a nice little last mile option.

When the wheels finally go, I’ll grab a set of those 100mm motors/wheels for it and Shredder trucks.

It deserves to live on.


should i just ditch looking at a diy and get their nls pro

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As much as I have a soft spot for meepo I would strongly encourage diy! You learn allot and usually and up with a better board!


Yes and no. I think getting a prebuilt like the NLS Pro and riding it until you’re ready to build your DIY is a great way to go.


You’re 260lbs from what I read, the braking will suck big time and you can’t adjust them!
I am 190lbs with gear and stuff on me even more, I tried all varieties of hubs and generic ESC’s my biggest gripe was always not enough braking force and uncomfortable vibrations. With your budget you can do much better!

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well this is pretty much the only board im getting, i have the money rn to build one. i either go prebuilt know and use it for a few years until i get a car or i just build one and pray it lasts that long

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I feel like the wowgo v3 may even be a better option then the nls pro of you decide to get a pre-built.