What is your favourite deck

As title says what Is the deck you find the best looking the nicest to ride and the best for esk8

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Esk8 = skateboards and mountainboards. Deck choice will be different 99% of the time unless you’re a weirdo and like super wedging.

The Landyachtz Evo would be my favorite skate deck. I love their new rally cat but it looks less than ideal to electrify because of the flex. Any of @jamie’s decks come with hecka good reviews. I only got to go on a one lap ride in Colorado because my ride showed up early but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’m about to buy the MBS DW2 mountainboard. MBS is traditionally less flexy than trampa or kaly (I prefer) but this deck is supposed to have a nice pop to it. Excited to see results.


Redemberboards Shuggah. No doubt in my mind. I’ve grown to like kicktails more and more lately for the maneuverability but this remains my undisputed favorite.


I’ve never ridden one but I’m frothing on the Loaded Tesseract. All three of them. Any one of them. Soon.


Aaaay, Im ordering the DW2 today. Need to make sure I spend my wellness budget before the end of the fiscal year.


Nice! Are you going to cut the nose/tail at all? One other user was having issues with motors or wheels hitting the deck.

I guess it depends, if its close I may just fashion a riser between the deck and the trucks. I didnt see that thread so im not sure to what extent that would work. Id prefer to keep the deck as untouched as possible but im no stranger to hacking the shit out of something :smiley:. Can you link this aforementioned thread?

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I can’t find the original thread anymore but it was @nowind on a comp 95 deck.

Here’s the one photo I could find.


Interesting, the profile of the 95 looks to be the same as the Atom 90. so it stands to reason the clearance issues stem from the lower profile of the trucks themselves. I can always just fab ‘no mod’ motor mounts to keep the clearance from becoming an issue… That is unless the Wheel Hub will rub against the deck - in that case, adding a 1/2" riser to the truck might alleviate that. Otherwise there’s no getting around cutting.

EVO! Standing on it just feels great. I used it on the dirt track and it worked great!


I’ve only ever ridden a Globe Spearpoint, but it’s treated me well, extremely durable (but also heavy).

I’m currently drooling over a Zenit Rocket V3 for one of my next builds.


@Psychotiller’s killshot is def the best deck I’ve ridden and it’s built for esk8. Unfortunately Dave uses Abs enclosure so mine is already cracked as fuck😥


I haven’t tried too many, but I really like the Zenit Marble for a stiff dh/freeride deck that works great for esk8, and the Trampa mountainboard decks are in a class of their own imo. Super reactive and great for carving while dampening road vibration.

  • Not a big fan of the lacroix prototipo because the standing platform is a little short for me (I’m sure I’d get used to it with more time)

  • The Loaded Tarab is ok, but it’s a big one. Probably good for a boaty cruiser but it’s not for me.

  • BKB Tayto is good but don’t have much time on that either. Fun little deck though

  • Kaly deck is like a stiffer Trampa that’s super wide. I liked it but it was a bit stiff for me. Probably because I’m 110lbs and Ernesto is a big dude compared to me

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My favorite deck is the LY Switchblade, because the drop, concave and wide ends make your feet feel secured and comfortable, and its unique shape/profile make it look like a supercar compared to other longboards. Also, it’s a stiff deck, which is good for control, and drop through, which makes it amazing for pushing.

Only thing I don’t like about it is that the truck mounting holes are too close, so you get wheel-bite with larger wheels :frowning_face:

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16 ply Trampa Holypro 35 for Emtb
14 ply Trampa Street carver solid for Hybrid E board
Rayne DemonSeed for pushing (I do not do that anymore, reason explained below)
All old school Power Peralta boards, Santa Cruz, Alba, etc…They just make me happy cause I’m an old M@#%R Fu####R


Bustin sportster


I’m building one up now. Re drilled holes and have tb110s no problem. (have to make up an x-thing to carry the bolts topmount)

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What are you doing to crack your enclosure? I have his evo enclosure and used it on the dirt track at thunder in the mountains. One hill was so steep that the enclosure would scrape it every time it took abuse but still in one piece!


It’s just cracking around the screws, SF streets and vibrations will crack abs

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Ahhhhh. Im using pneumatics. Dont think the street location makes a difference. Im sure new york roads on urethane could cause issues