What heatshrink do I need!?

So I made a mistake on my heatshrink size.lol I’m using 21700 and it doesn’t fit.lol I need to order it today, so I could get it tomorrow. It’s 12s 7p. Here is some pictures.

7 1/8 in heatshrink.

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Take a piece of string, wrap it around the parallel group, divide the length in half (this will be the exact amount of material you want to use) and multiply it by 1.2 to 1.5 (this will give you enough slack to get it on and shrink properly, anything in that range will work)

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inch or mm???

It’s a shrink factor, no units

So you want it so when it shrinks it grips tight

Like this…

  1. 15in / 2 = 7.5 in
  2. 7.5 in x 1.2 = 9 in(228.6mm)
    7.5in x 1.5 = 11.25 in(285.75mm)
    Thats it?

Should I go with the big one?


Go with anything in that range, 10" or 250mm is probably the more common but it doesn’t really matter

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Thanks man. I learned something today.

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