What Bushings would you recommend to me?

Hello !

I am using following bushings on my surfrodz rkp trucks that I mounted on my Meepo hurricane to get rid of the dkp trucks:
Barrel / FatCone combination front and back using riptide KranK 87a up front and KranK 90 in the back.

Sadly, I can‘t steer it or carve as much as I would like to, even when the nut of the truck is really loose.
I weigh 75 kg.

Maybe someone has a better recommendation of bushings for me?


Try this thread Bushing and Truck Setup Help Offered

Brad is very helpful. @RipTideSports


Thank you, Brad was actually the one who recommended me that bushing Setup in the first place.

Maybe he can help out with this new information that this bushing setup is to stiff for me !

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Is the barrel road side I’m guessing? On the front

Try picking up a pair of just cones and as a start you can change the front to be fat cone board side and cone road side. I have this setup only Lunas

If that’s not enough steer you could also go barrel cone.

Are you using cupped or flat washers?

Replace all cup washers with flat washers to start


What do you have both the front and back base plate angles set to? The higher the angles, the stiffer it will feel, the lower the angles, the softer it will feel.


This is my experience: Adjust the steer with wedging (kingpin angle). Use bushings to adjust the feel of the steer not the steer it self.

So in your situation, wedge the truck and get the steer you want, then adjust bushings to get the right feeling.

I really like the feel of my Krank setup but I also found it a bit hard. I’m quite a bit heavier, about 110kg with gear, and 90A is too stiff. Brad recommended 95A for my weight and maybe I’m just not going fast enough but even 90 is a bit hard.

Maybe consider swapping the positions around a bit, so you have both barrels up front and both fatcones at the back? I was running cone/chubby front and rear and moving it to cone/cone up front and chubby rear was definitely more fun, though I think I still need to go softer