What are the good hub motors.

What are the good Hub motors to get these days.

Obviously I want the Ride unlimited…
But no way l can justify that price…

What is next?
Meepo 100s…
What if I want smaller?

What is up with the backfire ones?

Anyone tried the 85mm ones? Are they tolerable?

I’m looking at their 450w ones for the G3.

I hope no one says exway is great because they are expensive and I don’t want to fuck with the connectors…


What else is out there to consider?

As a reference… The only hubs I have spent time on are from a Wowgo 2s from 4 years ago when they first came out…

So I’m guessing all of the above are way better.

I think I’m more preoccupied with grip and comfort than power and torque…

But I also want 85 mm ones to rub Caguamas in the front…
So I’m kind dreaming.


Meepo hubs have a good reputation, especially at 100mm. Also are priced well.


they are hard af

the torque on that is much more powerful for some reason(being 85mm, compare to backfire hubs)

any good hub to recommend? probably only loaded hubs are worthy

i’ve also had a set of these:
Electric Skateboard Hub Motors Kit - BOUNDMOTOR
they are ok, but they go bald in less than a month of aggressive acceleration and braking

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Did you try them on the mini or the g3

g3+ actually, they look to be the same hubs, the thane is probably like 80a hard


Did they suck even on good roads…
Dang it

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depends, u can still feel vibration even on freshly paved roads, but i also tested inside a shopping mall with marble floors, damn, u r rolling on ice :joy:

so, its shit most of the times, but when u have perfect surface, it will just keep on rolling


I suppose I could try the 85 and if it is brutal I can get the bigger sleeves…

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all hobbywing hubs, u can use cloudwheels donuts:

u probably know the pros and cons with bigger wheels already, so yeah, at least this option exist (meepo hub doesn’t fit)


Yeah boi. Exway hubs are niiice.


It would be interesting to see how far Hobbywing develops their hub motors. With good quality wheels, maybe even an AT option, they might work pretty well. The other concern is how much power they can take. I’m sure the Hummie hubs will smoke anything coming from Hobbywing in the foreseeable future.


The hummies even smoke some belt drives cough evolve cough


Really? Like worth a thane build on since hummies are hens teeth?


The exway x1 is one of the only production boards i would recommend to anyone. Those hubs are great


What about the good ol’ Raptor hubs :woozy_face:

I know main issues are shredded PU (stupid no slot design) and overheat when you keep pushing them stock.

Tho I believe there are ways to make them reliable? Could be grabbed on the cheap and it packs a serious punch when it works.

Are there reports of broken hangers?

to be honest, I did not even consider them.

can you actually buy them? and can you buy the sleeves?

I understand they are powerful, but i am not sure how they feel, and I don’t recall folks saying that part was any good.

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You won’t find brand new ones but you will find used units laying around

Last feedbacks I got from Raptor riders were that the trucks aren’t the funniest or carviest setup for sure but they pull like damn trains.

Quoting “If your wanna go fast on the cheap get them, else I don’t recommend”. Hopefully it can be tuned with @RipTideSports bushings and pivots.


I’ve put close to a 900 miles on a set of Maytech 90mm hubs and they’ve held up very well. However, they heat up quickly, so you’ll definitely spend money ($10/sleeve) on replacement sleeves. I have the 90KV and have hit 31mph (On 10S; I’m 200lbs). Beat of luck finding the hub motors you’re looking for.


boy, I wish Maytech would wise up and make some that fit the Loaded sleeves…

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Well… I wanna try out the concept analog but the boy won’t let me…