Water-cooling Motors

Hey guys, I noticed that there were no real posts discussing the water-cooled motors that are popping up. I was wondering if anyone had experience with them either in ESK8 or somewhere else. I know there aren’t any offerings for 6374 motors, but for 80+ there have been quite a few options and models. Considering the motors have an effective radiator/cooling loop…

-What performance advantage should we expect to see in terms of peak amperage settings and continuous?
-Will it make a significant difference in hot environments?

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You need a water pump and sealed circuit, then to run everything on a sensible and high vibration + shock risk area (for ground use instead of water use).

Otherwise it might be better than regular air cooled motors.


I had thought about something like this before and I think the main issue that makes it impractical is just weight

With these large motors, a water cooling system and external radiator/water pump, you would be adding a significant amount of weight to an eskate system.

Also, preventing leaks in the system may pose issues over time.

Thirdly, the places where this is most necessary are probably places where the ambient temperature is pretty hot. Any radiator system to dump the heat from the motors will be less effective the hotter it is outside, and may actually not even be able to cool the motors effectively, unlike the water in a lake or river, which is typically much cooler than the ambient air in hot locations.

Of course, that’s not to say that it can’t be done. Just lots of issues with it.

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I only think this would be worth it if you also set up water cooling on your ESC and maybe even your battery. If you need your motors to run cooler, it’s probably easier, simpler, and lighter to buy bigger ones. But I think that if you could cool your ESC and motors together, the power gain would be worth it despite the weight. Also, a well-placed radiator that received adequate airflow would probably work even in hot climates, or at least help because it can exchange heat with the environment more efficiently than the stator can.

I am one of the only people with a watercooling loop on my board, I have not purchased a motor yet.

Didn’t think that flipsky one was a good deal, for $400 it doesn’t seem like 4X better than the 6384 for that price increase.

I was planning on getting a huge watercooled motor for an emoto/golf cart

after $95 shipping its still only $430 and not coming from china.


why tho? Seems quite impractical from what I know about liquid cooling. Where do you have your rads/intake fans? And what are you running your motors at where passive air cooling from riding isn’t enough lmao?


This is common when building efoils for many of the reasons listed above. It’s not as practical for esk8. You could drop in at FOIL.zone and see what they are doing, then come back here and show us how you put that on an esk8 :sunglasses:

It is all built into the battery for me, and the battery body acts as a giant heatsink.

check it outs

Mount the ESC onto the water block and presto watercooled battery, ESC and motor