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WARLOCK || KALY XL 2.0 || MBS MATRIX 2 || 6374 || 12s 6p Samsung 30q

My first diy/custom board coming from an evolve gtr bamboo! I wanted a board that I know I can do the zoomíes at 30-35mph but still be a dream to carve.
Nimbleness was also a big feature I wanted that’s why @GJF1 kept It at 6p as kind of a middle ground so we can still get 25-30 miles range.
Here’s the parts list:
-Torqueboard 6374 dual motors
-12s 6p Samsung 30q
-metr pro module
-focbox unity
-mbs ll trucks
-8 in Kenda tires superstar hubs (thinking of switching to 7 in lacroix tires)
-kaly xl 2.0 + enclosure
-custom motor mounts from @radiumesk8 (Instagram)
-hoyt puck remote

![image|538x500, 75%](upload://uYGiH6XiN uqnPQ0kdPLC1KxaBQa.jpeg)

I’m a warlock main in Destiny and I’m going place this logo as a transfer sticker on the board, if you’ve played destiny you know what this is :joy:

Will be updating the finished look in the comments soon!

MAJOR thanks to @GJF1 for making this possible!


Looks gorgeous man. Well done!

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Thanks sir!

Looks fantastic dude!

Is that a handle on the back?

How are you going to fit the double stack battery in that enclosure?

More like 1.5 stack. The batteries are spaced out to lower the profile a lil. then thick foam tape to make the difference…


I am curious how big of a gasket will be needed…
Some day I would like to upgrade the battery on my Haero that uses the Kaly enclosure.

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I’m shooting for a 3/8 of a inch gasket.

Very nice build your in good hands with @GJF1
That thing is a beast :call_me_hand:

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Thanks sir! And yes he’s great

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Hahah yup! Got the idea off some dude in the eboard reddit, it’s a rubber zip tie

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Thanks man! Can’t wait for It to be done

Titan main here lol

I love the Kaly deck, they’re just a really neat shape


:joy::joy: you guys are so OP and yeah man I was actually originally doing a Flux Deck but when @GJF1 showed me the kaly he had I fell in love


Yall suck, hunter ofcourse


You must be good at sniping if you’re a hunter, almost a pre-req lol

I suck complete ass at that game, i recently started again after being salty that i pre-ordered it for a hundred bucks and they pull this shit.

I do not game that much nowdays, im getting my grubby hands potentially on metal 3d printed parts for material price so im quite obsessed with that :rofl:

Hahah I feel ya, destiny is sweaty for sure, you’re making a new board build yourself?

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Yes i am! Build thread in a few weeks probably!