Wanted 2 6374 motors Uk

im after 2 of the above please im in the uk, or if you know a cheep place to buy please let me know
thank you

U r lucky

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Why are those motor wires so thin? I cant believe thay can sustain 75A and be about 14awg judging by the picture. Not an expert but just judging by looking at the picture.

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Probably because it’s just the windings routed out of the motor.
Lots of cheap chines motors come with so thin phase wires.

Any preference in shaft diameter?
APS is UK based.
Streetwing as well I think.

not sure which is best?

An 8mm shaft diameter will fit most commercially available pulleys/pinions.

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What kv do you want?

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190, kv


10mm shaft

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thanks for that, confused now i was looking at dickys, motors hes a seller from china, he has some very cheep motors but only 5 pin, is that without temp sensors maby?
they did get a real slating quality wise

that one looks good? it just does not have temp sernsor that right?

If you get only 5 sensor wires it’s always without temp sensor.

For the cheap one which was linked, don’t expect too much from it. Likely that the magnets easy to fall off and you will soon need to change bearings. Windings often aren’t well made as well, so your motors will start to make a high pitching noice at a specific rpm.
Could be solved by battle harden the motors thou.

Those are mine!
The wires arent actually thin, they just got kinda cropped in photoshop. (@epster)

I actually am discontinuing that. All my remaining stock is now fully can and motor wire battle hardened. (Stators left alone for now) While i dont put temp sensors in them (is this something thats viable?) I do change out the jst for a 6 pin one on request.

Store to be updated soon

Also the stator is of good quality. There is a hall board in this version, iirc its the sane stator found in flipsky motors

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Why photoshop the motors? Why not just take pictures on clean area. The wires do look really thin.

Sounds good! Any pictures?

You can burn through phase wire isolation if you ride your motors harder than they can manage.
A temp sensor will prevent this if you set the cut off temp right in the vesc tool.


Right i know what temp sensors are, can i add one to the motor?
Realistically these are not meant for extreme offroading or constant 80 amp riding, but if its not costly to add a temp.sensor i will

oh right and pictures (These were some of the earlier cans I did, I had to move on to the sandpaper method to speed things up though because these took too long to be viable to sell)

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Exactly what I thought.

I live in my crappy uni apartment without any real space to do stuff like that, I wish I had a lightbox and dslr but its taken on bit of paper with my phone and try to get good lighting, if I didn’t shop them the backgrounds would all be some different tone of off grey on my website and product thumbnails next to each other would look really off.

Plus as I’ve been battle hardening these motors I didn’t really want to put any time into the older ones :slight_smile:

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Aren’t your motors Dicky’s and if so, the phase wires are 16awg aren’t they as that is what my motors have? Or did you change them/have a different batch?