Wanted 12s4p 30q battery and LY Evo falcon enclosure

Hello, New member here I’m looking for a 12s4p 30q battery single stack with bms premade or builder (one that actually does it in week or so and not months of waiting). Enclosure for Landyachtz Evo falcon. Both new or used. Hmu if your parting out your deck build :sweat_smile:

Located in Socal 818


Hey, welcome!

If your interested I could build you a battery but it takes close to a month. For an evo enclosure I would highly recommended you take a look at @eBoosted 's work.


@m.hboards Eboosted is asking alot for a battery built + enclosure so gonna keep looking.


I was saying that I could build you a battery and eboosted is a good choice for an enclosure if you pm we could work out priceing on a 12s4p.


@eBoosted does phenomenal work! I actually just really rode this for the first time today. Short stance took some getting used to coming from a long push board. but I love the drop down.
TBH I think hes the only one with a decent evo falcon enclosure (only enclosure I know of, not knocking others work)
I purchased the enclosure second hand from Canada, saved some money there and built my own battery.


Torque boards has a 12s4p 30q pack

@Myke I’m looking for a single stack

Oh my bad.