[Wallet Whimperer] BKB Tayto, SR 127mm TKP, FSESC 4.20 dual, 6354, Eboosed Enclosure, 10s2p 30q, Blue Caguama, Psychotiller mounts

I can measure when I get home and if they fit nicely I’ll take two. Should be pretty similar spacing to yours. Not sure if they’ll fit through the crossbar holes Boardnamics drilled. these are m4 so from the imagery in my mind it should fit… Wait, looks like you’re using boardnamics too?

Yep same mounts, same hanger. should have just enough room for nuts on the end.

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@Skunk perfect length I’ll take 2.

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Noice. That means I guessed right for mine lol
Shiping from China… sooo yeah. I might get to California before they do lol.

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Belts too short. Gone for 300mm vs this 265


I also hardwired motors to the esc because #fucksolderingxtconnectors

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Oh you decide on dude diagonal

Yah I want to keep the wheelbase as short as I can. Seemed pretty stupid to have the small hangers if I’m just going to extend them to “normal” length with axles.

Plus never tied dual diagonal


I need to have a functional kicktail on mine still. my reasoning for the short hanger was so that everything beyond the mounts would be axle so that my pulleys are fully supported on said axle.


Started cutting but my Dremel ran outta battery halfway through. Pretty easy just gotta be careful of the dust.


Hide anything you don’t want cut in half!


Like that headphone cable :laughing:


Perfect fit. Should be enough room at the sides for phase wires to enter. I drilled pilot holes for the inserts.


So lucky with the ‘discount code’ 2 free hangers :joy::joy: The boardnamics mounts are the best, cheaper than TB and I like them better. With the stealth finish too!


Ok we’re almost done here!

Threaded inserts are screwed in but I need my nice Wera hex wrenches and pliers I already shipped to socal to torque them down a tad more and remove some of the slightly stripped bolts I used to screw them in that I oopsied on because I used cheapo wrenches. Was able to get 3/8 done so 5 are left.

Also, need some velcro for the esc and batt. And long belts which should get here soon

Let me know if the 300mm belts work for you.
Iooks like I need 295 or 290 so I might have extra 300 for you.

Almost rideable!

Some inserts didn’t want to stay in (and I’m sure a few more will even fall out when I ride it). Will probably just bolt through the deck and be done with it.

Also these 300mm belts are a tad too long… Boy oh boy lol. ~280mm would be perfect? Gonna find out.

That esc still works fine though after what I put it through. It lives!


New belts fit perfect, went down to 12mm wide. It should stop raining for a few days and I’ll make a new loop key tomorrow after work and try it out, I think I will need to extend out the wheels a bit.


Took this board out for the first time tonight. Man these trucks feel loose as a goose and I like it. Might actually switch to all medium cones and barrels because it is pretty squirrely. I need to get used to the short deck. It needs more glass too, so I can add that.


Tkp trucks are so fun.
I typically rode with much harder in the rear truck than the front.
Think I’m

Front. Rear
90a. 96a
86a. 90a

All barrels