Vx1 with Unity help needed

Vx1 for Vesc 6 is binded and working but I can not calibrate it in the Unity GUI, it shows nothing no communication between the Unity and the Vx1 Rx.
I have it hooked up in PPM mode.
Did a continuity check on the cable and it is good.

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Unity is VESC 4.12 based but with a different UART protocol. You need to get the non-vesc receiver and only use PPM + battery voltage

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What I read I thought it was all the same hardware and you just need to wire it up for PPM+V
I’m not using this for UART since that port is being used already.
So does this mean I need to order the correct Rx for non Vesc or do I need both Rx and Remote for non Vesc?

I didn’t know as well. I also got a vesc vx1. I thought the 1 models differ for vesc 4.12 and vesc6. That what was written on the product listing. I still have to try it though

This is what I been reading in the description on the Vx1 from some sellers.
The variants (for VESC4/ for VESC6 / For Non VESC) only differenciate on reciver cables , the remote is the same one.

is your PPM cable plugged in correctly?

it might be plugged in reverse

^even when ppm cable is plugged in backwards the receiver still gets power

then should work in my mind. I will try and report back

Yes plugged in correctly. Even bought another USB C data cable.

Update. It is the Flipsky remote and Rx.
I pulled the receiver out of my Traxxas slash and hooked it up and it works fine now.
So I’ll need to order a new remote the Traxxas remote is to large to be sk8ting with.

I just bought two flipsky vx1 for vesc6 variant. Should I use them in ppm on the Unity or is there anything else I should swap to make them work?

I was using PPM. Mine didn’t work. I believe my Rx on the Flipsky was bad out of the box.
My Traxxas slash 2.4 worked and that’s just a generic RC car receiver and Transmitter,
I did order another Vx1 straight from Flipsky,
The one I had was from eBay.

Which flipsky vx1 variant, vesc4 or vesc6, works on the Unity? Thanks bro.

Do you have a contact in Flipsky?

Their is no different between vesc4, vesc6, ppm vx1. The only different between them is the cables they come with.
With a Unity you get a ppm cable, that works fine for vx1 reciever and Unity.

Here you can se how to wire cables from vx1 to Unity, use the unity ppm cable(not the vx1 ppm cable), use the battery output from unity to the blue cable from vx1 reciever (battery volt info)


So if i dont wire on the extra blue cable the remote still works fine?
i can just use the 3pin ppm cable from the unity and i can use the vx1 remote?

this post is so helpful with the photo!

I can confirm. Vx1 vesc4 model. For unity use PPM and the blue cable is just to have the battery level on the remote. It goes wherever outputs the battery voltage.

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Is this still true? The unity will only work with VX1 in PPM mode? Cant is UART?
Myself and @abusfullofnuns are wondering

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