VX1 Battery Poll! Please vote

What’s up ESK8’ers,

On 5th of July I bought some components from Flipsky. I purchased their FSESC 6.6, VX1 remote and bullet connectors. I recently got around to putting the board together and while messing with the settings in the VESC tool and letting the remote run for a while I noticed it dropped charge pretty quickly. It would lose around 2 bars in less than an hour of riding. I opened the remote up with intent to find the dimensions of a battery I could fit in there as an upgrade. I found a 500mAh battery inside. I posted the battery picture on a Discord server and one of the members said his remote came stock with a 850mAh battery. That’s a pretty drastic difference IMO. A 70% capacity difference to be exact. The funniest thing is we ordered 3 days apart from each other.

My VX1

@stan 's VX1 battery

My question is what battery came with your VX1?

  • 500mAh
  • 850mAh
  • Other

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Interesting. I have a “new” one coming next week from a Builders member, and I’m definitely curious now. As long as it’s better than the last Enertion Nano-x batteries that weren’t even used and never held a charge, I’ll be happy. :roll_eyes:

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That Nano-x battery on the right looks like it’s dead. It’s all puffed up.

And it’s definitely interesting. I want to find out what others have been getting. I’ve already messaged Flipsky about it and waiting for a response. Also my 850mAh replacement is on it’s way. It was only $10 but that’s additional $10 to $45 you are already paying for it.

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They were both puffed and unusable. One charged a bit, but died very quickly, the other (probably the right one) never charged and never even turned on by itself.

Well that does suck. At least VX1 comes with a working battery lol.

Lol I feel so bad for you guys / so lucky my nano literally has no issues.

Like it’s NEVER dropped out, never any pairing issues, long battery life ( I charged it literally twice a month during the summer when I would commute to work via my board).

Why is my nano not hot garbage?

I’ll check my vx1 when I get back to school, it was purchased awhile ago off of a builder who sold it to me.

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If everything they made was garbage, they would have ran out of business pretty fast. A lot of negative reviews on the forum will just increase the likeliness of yours being a bad sample, or a better product for the same amount of money, but at the end if a product works well for someone, it’s nice for them!
e.g there has been so many issues with the raptor, despite it being still a good board.


Bibbity bobbity bumping this topic out of curiosity.

what is the biggest battery that can fit in there reasonably?

Some of them have 850mah because many people requested it as a upgrade.

i hoped someone who has the vx1 could point me to an even bigger battery that would fit

I measured. 850mAh is really the biggest one you could fit in there.

@Komamtb hey I see you voted “other”. What battery came with your VX1? Really curious.

That’s what flipsky has to say about it.

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Nice contribution to buy 500mah for others to be able to guy 850mah :stuck_out_tongue:

3 Days apart… I’m still salty LOL your build went too smoothly! :pouting_cat:
Cheers! :joy:

You can actually get a 1000mah one in there, this is the one I got - make sure to tell them which size you want


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Yeah size seems right. Should fit. Seems strange that most 850mAh’s are the same size as the 1000mAh.

My 850mAh replacement just came in so I gotta do some soldering.