Voyage Systems: Megan and Minnie

yesterday i had an overcurrent fault and for some reason it isn’t showing up under the faults tab. is there a setting that i missed to enable it? not the first time it failed to show it


It’s a limitation of the app. Faults only appear in the Metr app, if it had live BLE connection during the moment when fault happened. I will try to fix it, so that the app always tries to fetch all the faults on startup.


Is there a timeline for Megan restock?

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It’s soon™. :slight_smile:

(Hopefully in ~3 weeks.)


Any plans to add LLT/JBD BMS support? I’ve seen a couple of people ask but that was several months ago now. I would also love it if it could be added to the Megan

Would be sick. You can view it in the metr app as per usual but I don’t thiiiink it can be shown on the screen?

Now that I think about it, I haven’t looked.

The issue was the lack of a CAN port. JBD has a UART to CAN adapter but on the older LLT/JBD units the Bluetooth was external so the UART port was used by that. On the newer ones the BT is built in so the UART is free for that convenient little adapter… Just needs support added (probably easier said than done)

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I didn’t know there’s a USB-CAN adapter available. That’s nice. No promises but I’ll see what could be done. I need a new BMS for my ebike anyway.

Just to note, we already have support for the Daly Smart BMS, which has similar specs and price as the LLT/JDB and it has CAN built in.


Could you look into the possibility of racebox micro implementation?

I know some guys in the esk8 racing community would be very interested if it could be implemented.

If you are unaware, racebox is a popular lap timer / gps analyzer. The micro is still on kickstarter, everybody is using the mini at the moment. I don’t know if it’s the same protocol, but a few us of have already pledged on kickstarter to get a micro, and the documentation is already available for its protocol. I think they are shipping the micros during june or july.

It can make logs like this. What I would be very interested to see is the ability to setup a “track” which is basically a start / finish line that I can put on the map

Every time I cross it, it logs a lap time. It would be really cool if it was possible to use the racebox’s GPS in the metr app (or the voyage app idk if you are making a new app). On the log it would show much more accurate position with the gps, and it would show the standard logging things, current, speed, temps, etc, so also keeping the current metr functionality. And there would be a lap overview function where I see lap numbers and lap times, I can click on one, and then it only shows that part of the full log, along with a lap time.

It would also be cool if it could color the line, for example red in the slow sections green the fast sections, kinda like the racebox log that I showed before (which was taken in the racechrono app).

It would also be really cool if it was a possibility if the megan screen could show the latest lap’s time for a few seconds everytime you cross the finish line.

If this ends up becoming a feature, I am buying a Megan asap. And I am pretty sure I am not alone with that. :grin:


+1 for racebox micro integration! even if the GPS coordinates are the only thing used in the metr app, it would be helpful to only have to mount one GPS module for both systems


We can definitely look into integrating the racebox GPS with Minnie. Megan already has a built in GPS module and one can’t easily fit a different module in the housing since space is very limited.

While I agree it would be cool to replicate the RaceChrono features in our mobile app, I don’t think it’s realistic to do it. It’s just too much work.

What I’ve been thinking of doing instead is using Megan/Minnie as the GPS device for RaceChrono, which should be much easier and it would still add a lot of value to the racing community.

Also, it would be interesting to compare BK-122 with the racebox GPS. BK-122 can be used as a drop in replacement for the BE-122 that we use with Megan/Minnie by default. It supposedly has better accuracy and 25 Hz refresh rate.



first off, appreciate that you guys are gonna look into integrating it. have you guys been looking into a way to integrate refresh rate adjustment in the app?

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Not yet. We have a lot of other task in progress at the moment. In principle, it’s not hard to do the logging to accommodate 25 Hz GPS logs. It just requires changing the log format and then adjusting all the tools that deal with the log, so it becomes quite a bit of work.


Finally getting around to setting up the Megan and it’s going on a bike, so I made a ballmount baseplate adapter that fits the cellphone mount I had lying around.


Looks great! :heart_eyes:

I would just be slightly worried that it may snap at the part between the sphere and the cone, especially if it was printed with layers not crossing that area (which I believe was the case; otherwise it would be difficult to print). On the other hand, it looks fairly thick so hopefully it will be fine. :crossed_fingers:

Yeah, I made it a pretty thickboy for that reason (chamfer for days). If it does split there, well the cord will save it from flying off the bike for a minute while I stop to emergency zip-tie in on.

I did consider modeling it in two pieces and having a through-bolt to secure the ball and plate together instead, but I’m not sure it’s worth the effort/parts. If this one snaps on me, I’ll go that extra mile, but I think it’ll hold. Plastic is often stronger than we give it credit for and I don’t think this will see that much stress.


So i’m having issues with my logs where they won’t record numerous rides even though i stop recording, try to sync records and then go on a ride. I also set it to log rides manually and it doesn’t show the start button and instead shows the sync button

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I find if I go to Account and then Sync All, it will update records. Just hitting Sync in the Records page won’t update the newest logs I recorded

i’ve had to do that before but i want to manually start and stop my logs which isn’t being allowed for some reason. there should be a “start” where that “sync” is with the current settings but obviously it’s not there