Voyage Cloud and Voyage Connect

We are adding two major pieces of software to be used with our products – Voyage Cloud, a cloud solution for your ride logs; and Voyage Connect, a new mobile app to replace the good old Metr app.

Voyage Cloud (beta)

Voyage Cloud is already available in the beta and if you don’t mind encountering minor glitches here and there, you are very welcome to create an account at [Voyage Cloud] and use it. Feedback as well as bug reports are much appreciated.

The Cloud is available for the new devices – Megan and Minnie, as well as the for the Metr modules. With Megan and Minnie, your ride data gets into the cloud directly over Wi-Fi. With Metr modules, which don’t have a Wi-Fi, you first need to get the data synced to the Metr app and then it gets uploaded from there.

Some notable features:

  • dashboard
  • user profiles
  • PEV profiles
  • customizable ride log table
  • analytics - have your ride log data plotted in charts
  • responsive design

Best to see pics below.

Cloud quick start

  1. Update your Metr app to the latest version
  2. Create an account at [Voyage Cloud]
  3. Log in
  4. Go to Garage and add your devices

There’s a little question mark icon that explains how to do it:

For now now, only the Metr app part is relevant since Voyage Connect is not yet publicly available (see below).

Voyage Connect

Voyage Connect is a new mobile app that is currently being tested by our trusted team of testers. We’ll be making it available to public this summer. We designed the Connect hand-in-hand with the Cloud so they play together nicely. The main improvement over the Metr app is the use of user accounts. You can now have all your Megans, Minnies, and Metrs associated with a single account and manage everything easily from one place. Apart from that, there are a lot of improvements in the UI that should make the app much easier to use than Metr.

Connect is currently only available for the new devices – Megan and Minnie.

Voyage world vs Metr world

We had some difficult design decisions to make regarding the relation between the new cloud solution at and the old cloud solution at since we didn’t want to disturb the users who are happy with their Metr app and with how everything has been working so far but at the same time we wanted to make the Voyage Cloud available for everyone. This lead to some trade-offs.

We now like to think of the infrastructure as two worlds:

  • Voyage world = Voyage Cloud + Voyage Connect app
  • Metr world = Cloud + Metr app

To retain backwards compatibility and to keep things simple, all ride logs are uploaded to both cloud servers, i.e. they go to both worlds. However, after that, the two worlds are kept isolated. In practical terms this means that any changes done in the Voyage world are not reflected in the Metr world and vice versa.

For example, if you delete a ride log in your Voyage Cloud account, the log won’t disappear from the cloud or from the Metr app.

We don’t think this is something that should trouble people too much but we wanted to specifically caution against this to prevent confusion.


Enough talking. Let’s see some pics.

Voyage Cloud

Voyage Connect


First off I just want to reiterate how amazing the guys at voyage are doing, I’m really excited to see how the new app turns out!


Also just out of curiosity:
@rpasichnyk are you genuinely averaging 90wh/mi???
At 11mph??


Tried to add metr module for focbox unity, nothing happens when I click the button

Do you have the latest Metr app?

Roman has an e-foil. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words!


Love the new stuff coming out. I just created an account and got my board linked up on the Cloud. Is there any way to be able to toggle between metric and imperial for those of us incredibly uncool rednecks in the USA?

Edit: Just found it under, you guessed it, Settings. Carry on


Yess, just updated

Did it work after the update? What Metr module do you have?

It didn’t work after update. Using metr module for focbox

Can you please open Metr app → Settings → Show Logs and send to I will check why it did not work.

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Awesome work, love to see things like this!

:heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat: Keep it up @janpom


Looking forward to seeing this project develop! The website looks excellent by the way :heart:


This crop feature doesn’t seem to work. Is this thread an appropriate place to report stuff like this?

Debug info:

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Google Chrome mobile app
Android 14 / OneUI 6


I his “save” on the image above, and it hung on the “uploading new avatar” dialogue. Never finished, left it for like 2min. Retried the whole process, and everything worked fine. The image cropping dialogue functioned, the image uploaded fine, and everything saved.

Must have just been a fluke the first time :man_shrugging:


is there any way to fix the disparity here? i’m pretty sure they’re different because it’s reading the info from the ride logs which don’t always record for me

It’s probably pausing/stopping the record every time you stop, and restarting a new log when you start moving again.


Good that it worked on the second time. It might be the JavaScript file didn’t load correctly on the first try.

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I’m still thinking about the best way to approach this. What you see in the list of backups is the odometer value. The odometer keeps going up and it’s independent from the ride logs.

The values displayed in the cloud are strictly derived from the logs. So in particular, if you delete a log, the total distance will go down. Also, if you’re riding without recording or if you reset the odometer, the odometer value will be different from the sum of logs.

The sum of logs is what we use for the ranked lists. That’s the cleanest way and it allows us to detect fake logs (e.g. you set your wheel size to 1km and make the logger think you’re traveling at supersonic speeds). And then it makes sense to show the same number in the user/PEV profile.

Nevertheless, I do see how the value being different from odometer is confusing. I’m open to ideas.


BTW, there’s a Voyage beta testers thread on Telegram. If you feel like providing more feedback, please message me or @rpasichnyk (via Telegram) and we’ll add you. Our Telegram usernames are the same as here, i.e. @janpom and @rpasichnyk.

If you have Megan or Minnie, you can also try out the beta version of the new Voyage Connect app.


Where can we get the Connect app? Should we join your Telegram group?