Vescs/Focboxes for sale (US) updated with picture

4 used older vescs $50 ea.
3 nicer Torqueboard vescs $55
2 Chinese dual hub ESC with remote $25 ea
12s Torqueboard ESC w/BEC (broken) will throw in with others for free
Located in Atlanta, GA


I’m actually pretty sure you’re supposed to put location and price. Also, just to make sure no one is getting screwed over, do the focboxes work?

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Could you provide pics? Are focboxes ver. 1.7?

As it’s often get lost, here a link to the sales guidelines

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Sorry guys. I just made an edit. Everything works and I can certainly post some pics when I get a chance later. I actually have more focboxes and vescs in my complete boards that I’m willing to sell as well but would need to first unbuild them.

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Not sure honestly. Is there an easy way to tell?

Dibs on two used focboxes!!! @ATC, @pixelsilva


Send me a PM with your info.

Have to open the case. The pcb board will have it labelled.

Those 4 used maytech/tb vescs; what exactly do you have? Are they bog standard v4.12? If so, I think I want 2 once you have pics of them up just to be sure it’s what I’m looking for.

PM’d you on the used focboxes


I got a TON of PMs this weekend. Sorry you’ve all been waiting for replies as on the weekends I’m riding the blasters on the lake and try to avoid screen time. I will try to post some pics this morning.

You boys looking for these?

Just wanted to come in here and say @atlesk8 is a legit dude. He has a lot of stuff for sale. Just be patient guys he will get back to you


I hate you. :disappointed_relieved:


Updated. @IndianGummy came to the house and cleaned out the focboxes


updated with a picture

This is frustrating. Too many voltures, too many wallets.

The new vesc4 costs just $60. Shipping for free

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If I hadn’t just bought a MTO4.12 last week…